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Best Hangover Cure

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Best Hangover Cure

Many of you have probably said this famous quote at least once, maybe twice…when suffering from a hangover. It’s quite common to question the night before, “Was it really worth feeling this awful?”  Hangovers can wreak havoc on your immune system, digestive tract and organ function, because what happens is that you overload your liver, and it is struggling to clear out the excessive amount of toxins and chemicals ingested. Imagine that every time we drink a little bit too much our blood sugar dips, our bodies are dehydrated and overall fatigue takes over. So, in other words your body is just letting you know that you created a toxic internal environment.

The first thing you should avoid is taking any medications, since most come with serious side-effects that are amplified by alcohol.

Best Hangover Cure

You are aiming for a complete detoxification, and drinking plenty of water is the way to do that, before going to bed, even though you might be seeing double, try to down two big cups of water, and as soon as you wake up, add tomato juice with cayenne pepper and lime to hydrate during the day, to replenish electrolytes and get your blood sugar back on track.

Try a multi-purpose remedy, which is known for being an analgesic and blood flow promoter, called Tiger Balm, a blend of camphor, menthol, cajuput oil and clove oil. Dab the potent tiger balm on the back of your neck and temples, massage it in, and wait a few minutes until your headache seemingly melts away.

Remember you are trying to stimulate detoxification, and since a third of toxic body waste is cleared through the skin, it makes sense to soak it into a toxin-purging substance such as wasabi, turns out that this root has the ability to increase blood circulation through the organs and promote oxygenation of the cellular tissue, helping to clear cells of metabolic waste, easing the hangover as well.

Mustard has a noted ability to increase circulation and draw toxins out from the organs, mustard has become a little-known hangover-healing health secret. Once the organs are flushed, they naturally are replenished with clean and vital blood. You don’t even have to eat it, but spread it externally onto your body, there are, in fact many options such as Kalahari Detox Mustard Bath, or you can make you own, by adding 2 tbsp. of pure mustard powder into warm running bath water, and steep for 20 minutes.

These remedies may sound a little crazy,  but you’ll love the next one. Reflexology, which is known as a way to rub your hangover out through your feet, rub your aches and pains away (while assisting to speed up liver detoxification) stimulate the outer edge area on the right foot, about halfway between the middle of the foot and the little toe.

There are many ways you can detoxify you liver and squeeze the alcohol out of the organs using your own body, including yoga poses, such as the seated twist. Just sit on the floor with your legs extended straight in front of you, bend your left knee cross your leg over your right and rotate your torso to the left, to twist your body, and repeat on the other side. Every twist position helps to detoxify internal organs.

Finally give yourself a treat, its time for the final shot, wheatgrass, which is a natural detoxifier, known to cleanse the body’s blood and water, hydrating and energizing the cells. Wheat grass is perfect to clear you inside out.




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