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Why Do I Have Hairy Nipples and What to Do About It?

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Why Do I Have Hairy Nipples and What to Do About It?

Why Do I Have Hairy Nipples and What to Do About It?

Most women use the time in the shower to have a good look at their body. The long mirror is not just an accessory; it is a necessity that has seen much. If only it could tell! Imagine! On one of those days you are feeling nice to yourself, you notice hairy nipples. You think to yourself, “The hair shop needs a better hair-guard.” You cannot have hair all over your body after a trim.

Why Do I Have Hairy Nipples and What to Do About It?

When you try to rub it off, it remains. After several more attempts, you decide it’s better to check with your eyes instead of the mirror. In horror, you discover it is growing out of your body. That is enough panic to anyone. Statistics from gynecologists suggest about 30% of women above 30 years have the problem. It might be more since most women feel too embarrassed to discuss it. In men, the statistics go higher as men experience a lot of chest hair growth.

There is no need to panic just because hair is growing on your nipple. It is important to note that the hairs do not grow on the actual nipple, they grow around the areola. Heights of the hair will vary, just like eyelashes, in different women. Naturally, most of the skin on the body is covered in hair follicles apart from several places such as the palms and the feet. Importantly, the hair follicles are functional. They promote the growth of hair on the skin which controls body temperature.

Women and men have different hormones responsible for secondary $exual characteristics. Some of these features include hair distribution. It is the reason men have a lot of chest hair while women, on the other hand, have very fine hair on the chest that is not visible. The male hormones commonly referred to as androgens are responsible for hair growth in men. It is not just men, but women as well, use chest hair to measure the masculinity in men. However, not all men have excessive hair growth on their bodies. Some men have only the beard. The androgen levels are different in them too.

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During certain points of a woman’s life, she experiences hormonal imbalances. Such points include menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. Most women can attest to it during and after pregnancy, due to the massive hair loss.

Hormonal imbalance is the imbalance in androgens and the female hormones to work at optimum. Birth control is another cause of such fluctuations. When the androgens increase in the slightest percentage, hair grows in women around places it didn’t before, such as the nipple. Hair growth in women caused by hormonal imbalances is easily manageable.

There are also conditions such as Hirsutism, which create more permanent hair growth such as beards and a lot of chest hair. The condition results from high levels of androgens such as testosterone, in the female body. For some women hair growth on the nipple involves a few strands or a visible ring of hair around the areola.

How to remove nipple hair

Hairy Nipples
Hairy nipples are a nightmare for most women. Though it makes them very uncomfortable, it is important to remove the hair safely to avoid injuring the sensitive part. There are several methods one can use.
• Tweezers
You can pluck out the hairs individually using tweezers. The method is efficient as it gets the hair from the follicle which means it will not grow back in a while.
• Waxing
Doing one hair at a time can be time-consuming. You can use waxing to remove the hairs around the areola.
• Shaving
Shaving using a razor requires a bit more care since a sharp blade can easily cut your nipple. Cuts are openings that can attract infections.

In case the hair keeps growing back, you may opt for more permanent hair removal methods such as electrolysis. It takes several sessions to completely kill the living cells in the follicle, to permanently stop hair growth. Under no circumstance should you use hair removal creams? The hairy nipples are too delicate.

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