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The Changes That Happen to Your Lady Parts as You Age


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Women today look at their lady parts more often than they used to. As a result, you might be shocked to discover some significant changes immediately after childbirth or as you get older. Although you should expect things to change down there as you grow older, you should know what is and what isn’t normal. Regardless of age, everyone has a different eye color and body shape. In the same manner, there are enormous variations when it comes to lady parts.

The Changes That Happen to Your Lady Parts as You Age

According to Dr. Yasmin Tan, a laparoscopic surgeon, and gynecologist, the area has a complete spectrum of appearances, and each is normal. However, certain changes tend to become universal due to the passage of time. You lady parts will probably lose thickness, and the color could change from pink to a darker or paler hue. The labia might loosen, your clit could shrink, and there might be shrinkage of some tissue. The urethral entrance could also “pout” a bit and appear slightly fleshy. The skin becomes thinner and a little bit less elastic, which means your honeypot will lose its plumpness. The hair down there will probably turn gray like the hair on your head.

From puberty to menopause

With the exception of childbirth and breastfeeding, your honeypot will mostly remain the same from puberty to menopause. According to Dr. Tan, the process of delivering a child is usually quite traumatic to lady parts. Episiotomies or tears can affect the function and appearance of your honeypot in the long run. However, the impact depends on how well tissue is put back together.

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A honeypot stretched during childbirth often returns to normal after some time. However, the supporting tissues that hold its structure in place can be damaged, which might eventually lead to prolapse of the walls. Possible outcomes include the protrusion of a lump or bladder and bowel functionality issues such as urine or fecal leakage. Unfortunately, surgery might be necessary to correct some of these problems. Breastfeeding itself does not cause any lady part problems. However, the low estrogen levels associated with breastfeeding can delay the honeypot’s return to normalcy after pregnancy and childbirth.

The reason for this delay is the fact that estrogen is the hormone responsible for keeping your lady parts lubricated and elastic. Fortunately, things will usually go back to normal once you are done breastfeeding.

Keep up your physical affections

Menopause is when most of the major changes to lady parts start for many women. The permanent reduction in estrogen levels often results in dryness and tightening, posing a real challenge when it comes to getting down. Fortunately, there are natural remedies for honeypot dryness that can help when physical affections become uncomfortable. It turns out that engaging in physical activities that stretch the honeypot such as getting some can help to preserve elasticity. Stretching your lady part keeps the tissue in the area from contracting and over-tightening. As such, keeping at it is definitely helpful.

Although it is hard to say exactly how often you should get down, doing it at least once a week is advised. In addition, there are ways to maintain the elasticity of your honeypot if you do not have a partner. According to Dr. Tan, there are specialist physiotherapists trained to offer v@ginal dilator therapy aimed at stretching the muscles down there.

Do not suffer in silence or alone

The good news is that approximately half of all women do not experience any significant issue as a result of these changes. Most women will successfully manage any developing symptoms with simple home remedies that help to moisturize and lubricate the honeypot. Unfortunately, about 50 percent of women will experience these symptoms at a level capable of causing severe discomfort. This condition is known as vulvovaginal atrophy. It is important to address this issue since many women suffer in silence even though it affects their self-esteem, relationships, affections, and lives.

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According to Dr. Tan, women should come out more often since help is at hand. She stresses that it is important for women to talk to their gynecologist or GP if they experience discomfort while getting down. Women should also consult with a doctor if they are experiencing any other symptom. Although replacing natural estrogen might help to alleviate honeypot dryness, it can also trigger various side effects. Since hormone therapy might not be the best treatment for everyone, natural remedies remain the best option.

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