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Follow Her And Try This Safe Natural Deodorant Hack Straight From Your Fridge

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Follow Her And Try This Safe Natural Deodorant Hack Straight From Your Fridge

Follow Her And Try This Safe Natural Deodorant Hack Straight From Your Fridge

Most people are completely unaware of the potential dangers that may arise from using over-the-counter deodorants and antiperspirants, but the risk is more prevalent than you might imagine. Every day millions of people layer these chemicals under their arms, oblivious to the fact that they are slowly poisoning themselves for an issue that essentially boils down to hygiene.

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Aluminum is used in standard antiperspirants to block the escape of sweat, but it has also been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimers’ disease.

Parabens are used as a preservative in deodorants, but they have been shown to disrupt hormonal balance and increase birth defects.

Propylene glycol is another standard component, but in large quantities it can damage the liver, heart, and nervous system.

Perhaps one of the most dangerous ingredients, however, is Triclosan, the odor killing element. Though effective in masking odors, the FDA considers Triclosan a pesticide, and the EPA has declared it a ‘probable carcinogen’. It’s hard to believe that all these dangerous chemicals can be found in what many consider an innocuous product, but they are present and they do harm with every application.

Countless numbers have attempted to find a suitable natural replacement for their deodorants, but the options are so varied that it can be difficult to narrow down the search. It wasn’t until one brilliant woman decided to look through her fridge for an answer, after having exhausted all other possibilities, that a solution was found.

That solution was nothing more than a lime; a simple piece of citrus fruit. She found that when she would cut a lime in half and rub the juice under her arms, she would stay fresh all day and often well into the next. There is no preparation unlike other natural remedies, and no unpleasant rashes or masking smells that often are attributed to homemade solutions.

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For the best results, make sure that your underarms are thoroughly dried, as the skin must be able to absorb the juice into the pores. The citric acid, once soaked into your pores, will prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing. Allow the juice to air dry before getting dressed, as the juice could be wiped away from the skin, and acidity can be damaging to clothing. A single lime, once cut into halves, can serve as a deodorizer for 4-6 applications.

There are almost no downsides to using limes as a natural antiperspirant, but a few possible side effects include skin lightening around the underarm, stained clothing from the citric acid, and pain due to cuts or damaged skin coming into contact with the juice. With continued use, however, your skin can become conditioned by the citric acid to stop smelling bad.

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Natural solutions to everyday issues are safer, easier, and often cheaper than their mass produced counterparts. With home based remedies that center around foodstuffs, you can feel at ease in the knowledge that you are protecting yourself from the harmful chemicals found in most artificial products. By switching to a citric acid antiperspirant in the form of limes or lemons, you immediately remove a huge risk from your own life, while also protecting the environment by not perpetuating those harmful chemicals found in commercial products. Who can argue against smelling lemony fresh?

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