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Stiff Neck? Try This Self Neck Massage!

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Stiff Neck? Try This Self Neck Massage!

Have you ever felt that you are carrying the entire world in your shoulders? This can be a sign of stiff neck which can be easily fixed, all you need is a partner to help you relax after a long day and the following video to guide you in the process. Learn the pin and stretch massage method to lengthen overworked muscles in the neck, upper back, and shoulders on your own.

Begin by taking a deep breath to get warmed up, the neck and shoulder tend to store a lot of tension, so after this start by squeezing the neck and shoulder muscles as you can see detail in the video. You can also try putting your arms into it as though you are kneading dough. That will give you the right amount of pressure to relieve tired muscles.

Try this quick and easy technique after a hard workout, a long day at the office, or to simply unwind. You can even use the massage method on yourself!

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