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3 Worst Things To Do When You Have A Gray Hair

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3 Worst Things To Do When You Have A Gray Hair

3 Worst Things To Do When You Have A Gray Hair

Most people, at about the age of fifty, begin to sprout their first few gray hairs. Furthermore, many people dread the day that their luscious mane, whatever color it may be, begins to lose that very color and settle into the stereotypical “distinguished” or “seasoned” look. Well, lucky for those individuals, there are a number of activities that people indulge in every day that can decrease the chances of growing grey hairs. First let’s take a look at the factors that cause grey hair to begin with.

3 Worst Things To Do When You Have A Gray Hair

Why does hair turn gray?
Although there are number of medical conditions that can cause hair to turn gray, such as a deficiency in B12 or a thyroid imbalance, the average person’s hair turns gray for one main reason – heredity. Eventually, everyone’s hair will turn gray if they live to see it. However, one’s heredity decides how soon or late the process will begin. In fact, some individuals’ hair starts turning gray in their early 20’s. Still, while everyone is different, everyone’s hair goes through the same processes at one point or another. Initially, everyone’s hair is white. The cells found in our hair follicles are called melanocytes which generate pigments. The most popular pigment is known as melanin. The more melanin someone’s hair has, the darker it will be and vice versa. Eventually, melanocytes will stop producing the pigment and cause the hair to be transparent. The transparent hair lying beside darker hair gives it the appearance of being grey. With this process being inevitable it is important to be aware of what precautions to take to avoid gray hair.

You Don’t Have to Go Gray

• Exercise
o Regular exercise is a great way to ensure that many of your bodily functions remain in working order. Exercising regularly increases blood flow to your scalp which promotes hair growth and prevention on gray hair.

• Healthy Diet
o Keeping a healthy diet does many of the things that regular exercise can do. However, it has added benefits because food supplies the body with the necessary nutrients to carry out functions. A healthy diet along with consistent water consumption will fight off premature gray hairs.

• Stop Smoking
o Smoking tobacco is a common cause of premature aging in more forms than one. Gray hair is just one of those side effects.

• Drink Less
o Alcohol is another substance that promotes premature aging. Heavy alcohol consumption can cause you to appear older than you are. Gray hair is one of those side effects.

• Stress Less
o Stress is one of the most common causes of premature gray hair. This is typically an issue amongst people who work under immense pressure and tension consistently. Try taking yoga classes or other forms of relaxation in order to relieve stress.

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