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Ancient Art of Knife Massage Helps You Stay Sharp

Ancient Art of Knife Massage Helps You Stay Sharp

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It appears horrifying, but those who have undergone the Taiwan knife massage say that it is so comforting such that they fall asleep to the experience. It is not about relaxing music or aromatherapy oils, NO! Here it is the therapist, customer, and kitchen cleavers—two of them.

Ancient Art of Knife Massage Helps You Stay Sharp

Where did it originate from?

This type of massage is not a crazy idea that was invented by a sadist.It originated from china and it dates back more than two thousand years. Those days, there were patients who suffered from diseases that were strange. When the traditional Chinese medicines were unable to cure them, they would seek help from Buddhist and Douist monks or nuns, and they used knives to massage them.

In 280 it almost vanished. In the recent years, it has been revived in Taiwan. The knife therapists cite that the increased stress in today’s society has made more popular. The World Doula Association has found that there are about 2000 knife therapists in Taiwan.

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How is it different from other types of therapy? Why use knives?

As compared to other types of massage therapies, knife therapy is very different in that it is more penetrating. They use steel knives as a channel of energy. It helps your muscles to relax and also stimulate the functioning of your body metabolism and blood circulation. It can also help you reduce the soreness of the muscles and give you better sleep, and it helps to release toxins. Thus, it is helpful in losing weight and enhances your beauty.

What are the qualifications of the therapists?

In the early days, it was executed by nuns and monks in temples. Today, knife therapists must undergo strict training. On a daily basis, they have to take vegetarian meals, meditate, and practice knife therapy. They eat vegetarian foods so as to remove toxins from their bodies. This helps them to have the best energy they have to help the customers and give the best results.

The therapists must also undergo a training of not less than three years. They usually focus on the acupuncture points of the body. They also concentrate on the passages to which the energy travels in the body and they avoid thrashing the bones. The knives must be blessed by Douist and Buddhist masters.

How to calm down the first-time customers?

People who go for therapy for the first time are scared. To begin with, they are massaged by hand so as to calm them down.

Does it hurt?

It has never hurt anybody. It is absolutely safe. However, never think of trying it at home. They do not use the usual knives. They use specialised cleavers that have dull edges that can’t cause cuts.


Believe it or not, many people have successfully undergone the therapy and felt an ease.  It is also said to boost the immune system. Although it is fairly safe, it is undoubtedly designed for the daring.

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