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Yoga for Poor Posture

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For the following stretches you need motivation and a bath towel, that’s it, and if performed daily, they will help you improve and correct any problem you can have due to a poor posture such as slouching and curving of the upper back. Remember that proper breathing is an important part of the exercise.

Stand with your feet parallel to each other and hip width open, grab the towel, and focus on your breathing, so that each movement couples with a deep inhale or exhale and remember to keep the towel tight and arms down in every position.

ASANA for bad psoture

1. Inhale while swinging your arms straight above your head
2. Exhale and bend back as far as you can, without compromising the lower back
3. Inhale while coming back, and immediately bring hands behind your buttocks
4. Exhale, bend forward and swing your arms up perpendicular to your back, you can bend your knees slightly (optional)

Repeat the routine from 3 to 5 more times.

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