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The Surprising Solution for Aluminum Poisoning

The Surprising Solution for Aluminum Poisoning

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The percentage of neurological diseases associated with aluminum poisoning made an alarming jump in recent years. It might be due to various factors such as the brain’s inability to protect itself from aluminum-based toxins and their increasing levels in the environment. The accumulation of aluminum once it enters your body can lead to severe physical and neurological disorders over time.

How people get poisoned
Today, many products currently available on the market contain aluminum including foils, beverage containers, deodorants, sunscreen, cosmetics, and cigarette smoke. This means that aluminum is always present in the environment. It is, therefore, no surprise that the risk of aluminum poisoning continues to increase at an alarming rate in the United States.

It is also quite notable that today, almost all vaccines contain aluminum. This toxin is usually able to bypass other channels in your body once injected, going directly to the heart and brain instead.

Signs and symptoms
A severe condition known as hypersensitivity is the primary indicator of aluminum poisoning. This condition is progressive and can escalate to irrational anger and violent displays if left untreated. It is, therefore, necessary to be on the lookout for hypersensitivity symptoms such as:

• Abnormal sensitivity to both hot and cold temperatures
• Unexplainable uneasiness or apprehension
• An aversion to movement, noise, odors, and touch
• Feelings of shame, inferiority, or embarrassment
• Heightened sensitivity to either light or darkness
• Unreasonable annoyance, irritability, or agitation

Possible aluminum poisoning effects
The body’s apoptotic process starts to slow down whenever the toxic levels of aluminum are overwhelming. Over time, the potential outcomes worsen considerably.

Parkinson’s disease, chronic fatigue, Multiple Sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s, are only but a few of the autoimmune and neurological conditions and complications linked to aluminum poisoning. Young children are also at higher risks of learning disabilities more commonly associated with autism.

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The surprising solution
Children suffering from neurological damage caused by aluminum poisoning experienced incredible results after taking silicic acid. Recent studies revealed that silicic acid, a form of silica, effectively removes aluminum from human bodies by safely passing it out through urine. The aluminum levels in every child involved reduced by about 70 percent after they drunk a liter of silica-rich mineral water.

Silica helps to reduce the levels of aluminum in the body by reducing aluminum absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. Another research shows that silica combats aluminum toxicity by encouraging and contributing to its excretion through urine. Basic colon cleanses can also help in the elimination of waste and any other harmful compound that accumulates in the body over time.

Some mineral waters like Fiji and Volvic are packaged in BPA-free bottles and also contain high quantities of silicic, making them among the most viable solutions in the U.S. Drink at least a liter of these mineral waters daily over the course of a week to achieve excellent results when it comes to aluminum detoxification.

Aluminum Detoxification
Achieving the complete elimination of your potential exposure to aluminum is quite difficult. However, you can always minimize the chances by taking the necessary steps such as:

1. Buying whole foods
Processed food packaging inclusive of the paper-like wrappings and aluminum cans usually contains aluminum. It is, therefore, easier to avoid aluminum poisoning when the majority of your diet consists of whole unpackaged foods such as nuts, fruits, seeds, and vegetables.

2. Go for aluminum-free deodorants
For most people, deodorant is the most common aluminum poisoning exposure point. Fortunately, more and more aluminum-free alternatives continue to become available.

3. Avoid Antacids
Many people constantly grab for an antacid, especially with today’s diet being what it is. However, antacids are among the most potent sources of aluminum. It is, therefore, wiser to opt for easy to digest and high-quality foods that do not cause heartburns.

As outlined above, although treatment is possible, prevention is still the best available option when it comes to aluminum poisoning. Prevention basically boils down to lifestyle choices and diet, and so it is important to be a little bit more vigilant when it comes to these two factors.

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