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1 Full Day of Detox Recipes

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1 Full Day of Detox Recipes

If you feel tired and bloated after the holidays, you may have overindulged all the delicious delicacies. Don’t worry, we have a guide for you on how to detox your system and get back on a healthy track by following some delicious detox recipes that won’t leave you hungry and will purify your bodily systems faster than you thoght possible for the many things you ate or drank, so come back to life and get back to your healthy, happy self.

Delightful Oatmeal

The morning after eating as if there were no tomorrow give your stomach a break, breathe before you eat your breakfast, begin your day with two glasses of water to rehydrate your body, thenenjoy  a fiber-rich diet to boost your digestive system. Add fresh fruits and berries if possible since they are packed with antioxidants.


Gourmet Yogurt Parfait

You need to get rid of lingering alcohol in your system, and fructose is the best option. Prepare yourself a yogurt parfait and add some honey. Add nuts or pistachios for energy-boosting protein and vitamin B6.

Yogurt Parfait

Meatless Black-Bean Chili with Winter Squash

You want to replace the potassium and salt your body lost from ingestion of alcohol, and fat is not the answer. This vegetarian chili provides plenty of protein and fiber through the black beans, this is a perfect luncheon dish, and thanks to the chili powder you’ll be running on full steam until the end of the afternoon.

black bean

Lemon Chicken and Brown Rice with Artichokes

For dinner try this fiber-rich, low-fat recipe that will leave you satisfied. Artichokes have an antioxidant that may help liver functioning, and they add a delicious Mediterranean flavor.

brown rice

Quick Baked Pears

Its perfectly normal when eating a lot of sweets that your body craves something sweet about 24 hours later, so you might want to give your palate a sweet treat. Bake a pear in the oven and add cinnamon or your favorite spices, and you have a superfood-antioxidant dessert!


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