The Jesus Diet

The Jesus Diet

What do we really know about Jesus health and the way he ate? According to many studies, the Bible may hold the secrets to longevity and good health.

Jesus didn’t follow a diet per se, but the perfect lifestyle that he led may hold the secrets to good health, he and his followers diet was based on plants, fish, whole wheat bread, lentils, chickpeas, olives, figs, dates and red wine.

This is actually found in the Bible; in fact the foods that Jesus ate over 2000 years ago should be considered a guideline of how we all should eat today, since there was no processed food including refined white flour and sugar. And when you think about it, two thirds of the teeth in our mouth are designed to chew plant-based foods.

In the biblical times fish was widely available and was probably eaten on a daily basis, while red meat would have been consumed only occasionally, perhaps once a month and animals such as pork are to be avoided.


There are many things that have changed from 2000 years ago, but we are still the same living organism, it just seems like we forgot, advertising and merchandise have us believing we need to eat from 5 to 6 times per day, but the truth is Jesus only ate two meals a day.
So, the solution to good health, just may be to begin eating the food God himself gave us, instead of refined products we can barely name “food”.


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