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Facial Exercises

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Facial Exercises

Facial exercises that will stop your skin from sagging!
Remember faces come in many distinct shapes and sizes, but if you feel your face is a little bit chubbier than you would like, performing these facial exercises can help to strengthen your facial muscles, and the best part is you can do them just about anywhere

facial exercise

• To train the areas around your eyes and mouth, make a face as if you were to pronounce the letter O, hold your O, and stretch the area below your nose, looking up, and hold for 10 seconds
Fill both cheeks with air and move the air from one side of your mouth to the other, while forcing the air against the side of your cheeks. Hold your breath while performing the exercise and continue until your breathe runs out.

Smile with your lips tightly pursed. At the same time, draw your cheeks into the hollows of your face. Repeat five times daily for maximum benefits.

facial exercise

• For improving circulation helping you get rid of edema, Open mouth wide, stretching your tongue towards your chin as for as possible, from that position, open your eyes wide, looking upward with all you’ve got, and hold for 10 seconds.

• To sharpen your jawline, Stick your tongue as far out as possible, facing the tip of your tongue upward, from that pose, tilt you heat back until a vertical line forms between your neck and your lower jaw, and hold for 10 seconds.

Facial exercise

By stimulating your face muscles, it’s possible to train muscles that you don’t use in you day to day life, which in effect helps you stop your skin from sagging, but until they become second nature to you, practicing in front of a mirror is recommended, getting the right form down and enhancing results.


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