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Are Tanning Lotions Safe?

Are Tanning Lotions Safe

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The tanning products mostly contain the active ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This is a color additive that darkens your skin. It is the only such ingredient that is permitted to be used by Drug Administration and US Food. For many years, DHA has been available for use in cosmetics. Dermatologist, say that this approach of achieving the ‘sun-kissed glow’ is less harmful than a tan from ultraviolet (UV) radiations that cause cancer that comes from the tanning booths or sun.

Are Tanning Lotions Safe

The self-tanning products are readily available as creams, lotions, pledgets, or sprays. The commercial prepared products mostly have between 3 and 5 Percent of ADH. This is a sugar molecule that can easily bronze the top layer of the skin. Within a few hours there is a browning effect that occurs. The effect is short term and the colour fades in about 10 days as the skin sloughs off.

There is no proven evidence that DHA is detrimental to humans when used as instructed and when topically applied. However, there arose a concern when a study associated the use of high amounts of concentration of DHA with the production of free radicals. These are molecules that are naturally formed in the body as a result of oxygen and damage cells. Nevertheless, the concentrations that are used in the preparations in sunless tanning are deemed non-carcinogenic and non-toxic. These products are highly recommended as a safe substitute for traditional tanning.

For indoor tanning lotions, they provide some minimal protection from ultraviolet rays of the sun A (UVA) ray, but should always be used together with a broad range (UVA/UVB-blocking) sunscreen, if possible with an SPF of about 30 or more for long stays outdoors. If you choose to use a self-tanner with sunscreen, you can use the one with an SPF of 15 and above and ensure you reapply a separate broad range like SPF15 sunscreen after two hours outdoors. Use two tablespoons and cover the entire body

A Natural Recipe for homemade self-tanner

A natural homemade self-tanner can change your arms and legs from looking pallid to a touch golden and you will be ’sun kissed’. Here is the recipe to make a homemade self-tanner.


• 16 oz. filtered water
• 8 bags of black tea(organic)
• 1 tablespoon of the extract of vanilla


1. The 1 tablespoon of vanilla and 16 oz. of water bring them to a boil.

2. Pour the boiling liquid over tea bags and allow it to steep for about 10 minutes

3. Remove the tea bags and put them in the compost. Give your DIY self-tanner enough time to cool. This can take about 30 minutes or more. Do not spray nearly boiling tea on your legs.

The self-tanner is can be kept in a refrigerator in a glass container. However, do not keep it more than two weeks.

Recipe Alterations

For those people with a light complexion, the above recipe can work wonderfully for them, but for darker-skinned guys, might require a stronger lotion. The above recipe uses a ratio of one tea bag to two ounces of water. To make a stronger, one you can use a ratio of 1:1. You can also steep the tea for more time and this will result into a darker solution. You should not add more vanilla, since when you add more, it can lead to a solution that is stickier and it will not be effective to be used.

How to apply?

There are some steps that you should take before you apply the homemade self-tanner. First, ensure your skin is exfoliated. You don’t need to do anything fancy, but give a good scrub to the target area, particularly the legs and arms, with a washcloth a few hours before you use the tanner. It is also advisable to moisturise your skin. This will help your skin to get a good and a skin tone.

After the skin is ultimately primed and the DIY self-tanner has cooled and then transferred to a lotion’s bottle, it is the best time to apply it. Use the simplest method such as apply it on your legs and rub it with your hands.

After you apply it on evenly and allow it to dry, add another layer. You can do this for about four or five times, which may sound a lot, but it will dry quickly. It should take about ten minutes to apply it.


One good thing about the homemade self-tanner lotion is that it smells nice. It is not that it has been perfumed or anything. If you have at some point suffered through the smell of a chemical of the bought tanner, then you will appreciate that the homemade tanner has a pleasant aroma.

Although it offers an artificial glow, it remains a favourite choice for people who want to avoid the damages of sun tanning. You can find more information about self-tanning products here.

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