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Make Exercise Fun!!

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Make Exercise Fun!!

Kids usually get plenty of exercise, maybe not today’s kids so much, but people of my generation have fond memories of playing outside, making forts, having adventures, playing tag and hide-and-seek, jump-roping, bike riding, we didn’t call it exercise, we called it play. As adults we often try to squeeze an half hour at the gym or in front of our TV into an already packed schedule and the resulting feelings are negative.

That is sad, I think we should take a lesson from our younger selves and make it fun again. If you loved tag or hide and seek as a kid try an afternoon of paintball with friends. If you loved hopscotch and dance take a zumba class. If you loved bike riding get off that stationary bike and go riding around town, or in the country. Go swimming. Get out and have adventures again. Take your kids with you, remind them they have an active imagination and to use it. Climb some monkey bars. Swing for a while, it’s great for your legs and abs. Go rock climbing.

Exercise doesn’t have to be dull and boring, it’s not a punishment. It should be something you are excited to do because it’s fun and it feels good. Now go out and play!

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