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Natural Remedies for Anti Aging in Your Pantry

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Natural Remedies for Anti Aging in Your Pantry

Are you a woman who suffers from wrinkles, dehydrated skin, and age spots? Have you ever wondered if there are natural products you can use to counteract these unwelcome aging effects? Studies have proven that avocado, lemon juice, and castor oil are some of the best choices in fighting these aging effects. How is this possible?


In addition to being a great tasting food, avocado offers essential oils that provides a youthful glow to the skin.

When combating dehydrated skin, simply mash together the pulp of an avocado or place slices of avocado on your face while allowing the essential oils to penetrate the skin. By letting it sit for up to 15 minutes you will begin to notice a youthful and healthy glow that will last for days.

Lemon Juice

Lemons are no stranger to the beauty world. Many women use them when choosing to naturally bleach their hair. This same process can be applied when trying to counteract age spots.

After washing your face, squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into a bowl or small cup. Using a clean and sterilized eye dropper, place several drops of lemon juice on age spots and rub it in. After allowing it to sit for several minutes, rinse your face with warm water, let your face dry and apply moisturizer!

Castor Oil

Along with dehydrated skin comes the negative effects of wrinkles. This is where castor oil can prove to be a real help.

By applying a liberal amount of castor oil to your face and letting it sit for several minutes, the skin will begin to absorb the moisturizing oil and will begin to plump, thus allowing the wrinkles to be smoothed over and look less noticeable.

Do you suffer from age spots, wrinkles, or dehydrated skin? If so, Why invest thousands of dollars into products that claim to help, but contain ingredients you can’t even pronounce? Why not try natural remedies? To look and feel youthful, at a fraction of the cost, why not try Avocado, castor oil, and lemon juice to stop the effects of aging?

Edited by: Ellie July 31st 2014

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