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Reasons for Everything

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Reasons for Everything

Reasons for Everything

When I moved into this town, not even 4 months ago, I prayed to make new friends among my neighbors, in the last few places I have lived I have been blessed with amazing neighbors, really good people. The first person I tried to talk to, 2 houses away, turned around and walked inside when I spoke to her. The kids on my right say hello and call me ma’am, for heaven’s sake.

So, this time I did not get lucky, which turns out to be a good thing, because after less than 4 months, I am moving away. Far away too, 2 whole states. I think this is a record even for me, and I am a chronic mover. Not really by choice, I mean, I would love to own a beautiful house that I fixed up myself, actually, I do own one, my ex-husband lives in it, I would like my own, in a town he is not in. Maybe someday.

In the meantime, things have been weird here, and although this will always be my home, I feel pushed to go elsewhere. To have all my kids and myself in the same state. To be able to see my granddaughter get bigger and funnier and smarter every day, it’s just time.

There was a reason I moved back here 4 years ago, and now there is a reason to move away again, I have to believe it’s all part of a much larger plan that may never make sense to me, but makes perfect sense to God. So maybe in this new move I will make new friends, but no matter what my grown kids will be close, I have old friends just 2 or 3 hours away, and friends that have been way too far will now be a short drive, there are lots of great things.

I hope, and believe, that this chaotic mess that used to be my life will calm down as I move and get settled elsewhere, that my time for growth and change is over, and I can relax into dullness. Best get back to packing, the move is soon!

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