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8 Spiritual Poems

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8 Spiritual Poems

[By Chris Roe]

If Time Were Mine

Your love is the space

In which I exist.

Your truth and inspiration

Drive light

Into the darkest corners

Of my life.

If time were mine to give,

I would give it all to you.

Eternal Journey

As the crimson flame of life

Breaks slowly

Above the horizon,

The white, frosted meadows,

With trees and hedgerows

Of sculptured ice,

Speak loudly

Of your presence.

Once more

Upon this journey,

As another day begins,

Without effort

Or intrusion,

Through the peace

And tranquillity

Of your silent voice,

The moment becomes eternal,

And the journey

Begins again.

Silent Flight

In the silence

The clarity of your voice,

Climbs high

Upon the eagle’s wings.

The chains of doubt

That imprison my soul,

Fall away beneath my feet.

In the freedom and majesty

Of the sentinel’s gaze,

Faith is strengthened

And hope returned

To a weary heart,

Upon the silent flight

Of eagle’s wings.

Sacred Truth

In your smile

I am born again,

In your eyes

All hopes and dreams return,

In your love

There is infinite peace.

Such magic

Comes but once,

Such truth

Is surely sacred.


In your presence,

The circle is complete,

The searching at an end.

No demands,

No duty,

No dark corners of isolation.

Only the soft light of creation,

Moving gently

Through the crystal silence,

Of the morning dew.


Keeper of the morning light,

Guardian of the flame,

White knight of my soul.

Given at the beginning,

As a last defence,

At the centre of life.

Never beaten or destroyed,

Never taken or confined,

Never traded or lost.

And shared only

For love.

In Search Of Silence

Beyond the storm,

Where blue sky

Still cradles

The morning sun.

In the clearing,

Where shafts of light

Hold back the shadows

Of the ancient wood.

Beyond conflict and pain

And the inhumanity of man.

Beyond duty

And this journey

That has seemed so long.

Beyond the history

That has brought me

To this sacred place,

This spiritual sanctuary.

This peace,

This silence,

This love.


Shafts of light

Through cathedral windows.

Dappled shade

Upon the leaves

Beneath my feet.

Bird song

In the branches above.

In the distance

Hind and fawn

Cross the forest track.

The sweet fragrance of autumn

Fills the misty air.

A gentle breeze

Moving colours

To the forest floor.

So precious

Such beauty,

So hard to find

Such peaceful sanctuary

The above poems are from my self-published collection of work, entitled “ In Search of Silence” more details of which can be seen on my website at www.silentflightpublications.co.uk

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