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Lavender Iced Tea! What’s Great About It

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Lavender Iced Tea! What's Great About It

Lavender Iced Tea! What’s Great About It, (and how to make it!)

Lavender is a type of shrub famous for its aroma and purple flowers. It is to the Mediterranean but now grown almost everywhere in the world. Apart from being a tasty beverage, this tea has its own health benefits.

Lavender Iced Tea


The aroma of lavender is an excellent soothing agent and effective for inducing relaxation. A study at the University of Maryland Medical Center suggested that inhaling the scent of lavender slows our nervous system which leads to ultimate relaxation. It’s effective for treating insomnia, anxiety, depression, and stress. Consuming lavender in tea form releases the oils responsible for its soothing aroma.

Digestive issues

Digestive issues are common, partly because of junk or fast food. A striking benefit of lavender tea is that it provides significant relief of digestion problems, it’s a stomach friendly shrub. One study found that lavender oil provides a shield against formation of gastric ulcers and provided relief of indigestion.

Controls convulsions and spasms

Convulsions and spasms cause muscles to contract and expand rapidly and can be very uncomfortable. Studies have found lavender to be an effective treatment by blocking calcium channels responsible for muscle contraction.


Lavender tea is helpful for inducing sweat therefore is beneficial when you have fever. Sweating helps your body to naturally reduce temperature.


Lavender tea is helpful for treatment of acute migraine, appetite loss, acne, and toothache. Sip some lavender tea and help yourself feel better. A study published in European Neurology found that those who inhaled lavender tea had more relief from migraines than the control group.

Note: Avoiding drinking lavender tea if you are scheduled for surgery in the next few weeks as it slows the central nervous system.


16 tea bags
1 Tablespoon edible lavender
5 Ice cubes

Boil enough water according to number of servings, pour into large glass jar and add tea bags, let it steep for 5 minutes before removing tea bags. If you wish to remove the lavender you can use a strainer.
Let it cool a bit then add the ice cubes.Add honey and lemon to taste if desired.

Here is another recipe for making Lavender Ice tea


1/4 cups of lavender petals,
4 cups of water and
1 cup of fresh mint leaves.


Take a saucepan and put the lavender and mint leaves in it. Now add water to the pan and boil the mixture for about 15 to 20 minutes. Once the water comes to boil, turn the gas to sim mode and keep it on until the desired flavor is attained.Than drain the leaves and let the tea cool down. Post cooling add ice cubes to it. Let the ices cubes melt and serve fresh lavender tea with a hint of mint.

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