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“The Wandering of Wondering Thoughts”

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"The Wandering of Wondering Thoughts"

The Wandering of Wondering Thoughts
By: Salve M. Cedillo

I believe that life has lot to offer
Good things feel good to remember
Mistakes motivate you to get better
Friends and family around are so dear
Indeed, why should we live with fear?
And see things quite harder
When God has always been so near

Acknowledge the feelings when in doubt
But don’t give it too much thought
Seek enlightenment, wisdom or both
Look up; see how those great people fought
Their decisions made and steps they sought
And how victorious they came out
Mentors, teachers, they’re of some sort

The journey of life was never told as easy
For what we have always wanted to be
Is in itself makes us feel sometimes weary
Even the books in Bible have a lot to say
The quest, the challenges, are road to bravery
Positive attitude sees it as an opportunity
To showcase our values and its tenacity

We strive, we fail, and then we try again and again
Every step there seems to be the presence of pain
No matter how we deny it’s just there then
But a quiet time with ourselves gives a grain
Of hope, peace of mind and being enlightened
Oh life, there are just so many yet to be shown
God, please guide us as we are Your very own

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