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Patch Adams

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Patch Adams

Hunter Doherty “Patch” Adams was born in the spring of 1945, in 1971 he founded the Gesundheit Institute (Gesundheit means “good health”) and changed the face of medicine forever, literally. He encourages the use of clown noses, humor, empathy, and compassion for starters. The Institute is free and open to those who need services, he is not affiliated with any insurance companies, he embodies the term humanitarian.

He organizes a group of volunteers every year to go to various countries dressed as clowns to amuse and treat orphans, patients, and everyone who sees them. His initial medical consultation lasts four hours, he visits patients in their homes, he has radically changed healthcare along with a group of like-minded physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals.

The competition to work with this man is fierce, medical students compete by the dozens, even hundreds, for one or 2 coveted spots in West Virginia on a complex of over 300 acres. Mr. Adams, Patch, is a physician, social activist, citizen diplomat, clown, and celebrated author whose life has been portrayed in a movie starring Robin Williams.

Patch Adams is a unique and amazing man, and a true inspiration.

I specially love this part of the movie that Patch Adams brings joy and happiness to children in the hospital:

Sourced by Wikipedia and the Gesundheit Institute web page

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