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sneeze by the Facey family (Flickr)

Sneezing is one of the important functions of the body. It helps the immune system to fight against germs by clearing the nose of bacteria and viruses. Interestingly, sneeze happens because of some nerves that are triggered by a stimulus and  this happens only when we’re awake. So during sleep we don’t sneeze. Sneeze is so strong and relieving. Amazingly, as a result of plucking the forehead we sneeze! Because plucking may set off a nerve in your face that supplies your nasal passages.

sneeze by Susan Sermoneta(Flickr)

It’s been said that sunshine and workout may also cause sneezing. Check out this infographic to see some more information about sneezing and seasonal allergies:

While responses to a sneeze is different in various cultures, most aspects of sneezing are common among all cultures. For example, no matter the language, “Bless you,” “Gesundheit” and “Banish the omen” all show a sign of respect for the afflicted party.

Sneezing seems to be more prevalent as the weather gets colder, due to the increased presence of ragweed and mold in the fall. Then, as winter approaches, people are forced indoors, where they are more likely to be affected by airborne irritants trapped inside.

In addition, being indoors prevents people from being able to escape the potentially harmful effects of a person sneezing nearby. While everyone sneezes from time to time, those who do not cover their mouths in busy public areas can spread germs to as many as 150 people, one study found.

As the following infographic shows, the public health repercussions brought on by careless sneezing may want to make some readers change their habits.

sneeze by Andy Beaumont (Flickr)

Bless You!

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