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Stretches to Do Before Bed

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Stretches to Do Before Bed

Stretches to Do Before Bed

These three stretches are some effective ways to relax, relieve stress and sleep better during nights! They just take couple of minutes and you don’t need any equipments for that. In any of these stretches stay in that position for 30 seconds.

Practicing yoga before bed will benefit your sleep in many ways. The mind and body are working every minute of the day. As bedtime approaches, it is beneficial to release the stress and tension from the body, relax the mind and enjoy quiet yoga, because of the stimulatory effect yoga has on the nervous system, and in particular the brain.

In this video you can see a broader range of exercises to do in the bed before sleep. These great exercises can help you to sleep better and wake up fresh in the morning.

This is Perfect For the Morning Before going to work:

This is a great poster describing and showing the morning sun salutation. I am often asked by people in chronic pain how to exercise, the answer is always the same, yoga and/or pilates. You may not have the flexibility to do it exactly right, but the gentle stretching is the important part, also the practice of yoga encourages mindfulness and meditation, both of which are very good for stress and pain relief. Namaste. …. Continue Reading

Yoga For Poor Posture:

For the following stretches you need motivation and a bath towel, that’s it, and if performed daily, they will help you improve and correct any problem you can have due to a poor posture such as slouching and curving of the upper back. Remember that proper breathing is an important part of the exercise.

13 Surprising Benefits of Yoga

It’s time to rethink Yoga. It not just about torsion, stretching, having a perfect body, or wearing hot yoga pants.Yoga is like mixing up your workout, meditation, and a spa at the same time, its giving close attention to your body, mind, and respiration This millenary practice includes yoga postures, or asanas, breathing techniques, (pranayama) chants, and meditation. Through them the body experiences harmony, bringing the mind into a state of awareness and relaxation that will regulate your dopamine and serotonin balance and help you bump up your endorphins. It will lower your stress levels and keep your arms, abs, and legs toned…. Continue Reading

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