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How to Heal Nail Fungus Naturally

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How to Heal Nail Fungus Naturally

[Last Updated on March 13th 2014]
by Nima Shei MD

Nail fungus (Onychomycosis) is the most common nail disorder in adults and half of all nail disorders are related to this condition. Nail fungus is a fungal infection in one or multiple fingernails or toenails. Nail fungus may begin as a white or yellow spot under the nail and gradually grows deeper into your nail, causing discoloration, disfiguration, thickening, split, irritation and pain.
Because nails grow slowly and they receive little blood, fungus treatment is hard and often expensive. Check out this infographic to learn more about fungus treatment options, their costs, side effects and effectiveness.

Laser nail fungus removal is the newest treatment for nail fungus. The effectiveness of this procedure is similar to medical treatment, but it’s too expensive.

Vinegar foot baths are one of the best natural treatments you can use. What you want to do is to put your foot in vinegar for 30 minutes twice a day and repeat this every day to fight the fungal infection.

nail fungus remedies

The other good option is Listerine foot bath and it works in most cases. Tea tree oil is another option that works effectively.

please also note that you should start the treatment as soon as you see the symptoms. If you delay the treatment, it’d become worse and the treatment would be much harder. Also apply the treatment continuously every day. Consult with your doctor to see which option is better for you.

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