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You Need More Sleep!

You Need More Sleep!
You Need More Sleep!

Sleep is integral to our day to day function, but most of us are not having enough of it!
The amount of sleep each one of us needs depends on many factors, including age and the sleep (s)he had in the previous days. For example, while a teen needs minimum 9 hours of sleep, an infant needs minimum 16 hours of sleep a day! For adults the best amount of sleep is 7-8 hours a day.

Check out this amazing infographic to learn more about SLEEP!


  1. […] 5. Not eating enough Not eating the right amounts of the correct foods is one thing that can stop you from getting into the shape you desire. Those who exercise to lose weight often think that eating less will make the process faster, this is not true. Here is a list of foods to eat before and after your workout sessions. 6. Lack of sleep Studies show that when we sleep our bodies release hormones such as IGF-7 that help build muscle and burn fat. Getting a good 7-8 hour sleep is important. It will refresh your body and help you relax. […]