The Positive Side of Medicine

Overmedicated America

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Overmedicated America

We’re taking too many drugs, too much more than what is needed and much more than our bodies biological limitations! As Socrates said, medicine “acts as both remedy and poison” and that “this charm, this spellbinding virtue, this power of fascination, can be­—alternately or simultaneously—beneficent or maleficent.”…And now the greed of pharmaceuticals have pushed us toward being poisoned by the prescription drugs. This infographic is certainly an eye-opener and I believe we should stand against this trend: for example, many of home-made traditional natural remedies are as effective as these poisonous chemicals, they don’t have side effects and they’re certainly less expensive.

To see an example of unethical ways pharmaceuticals use to boost their sales, read this amazing section from this amazing book: The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine Third Edition, by Michael T. Murray (July 10, 2012)

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