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You Have Been Throwing Away The Best Part Of Your Bananas For Weight Loss

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You Have Been Throwing Away The Best Part Of Your Bananas For Weight Loss

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Many people look for that golden food when it comes to the quest of losing weight without making any changes to your diet. Chances are, you’re overlooking one of the Best Part Of Your Bananas For Weight Loss: banana peels.

Yup, you read that right: banana peels are one of the best foods to eat to lose weight. There are so many nutrients in the peel. Some of these include vitamin A and potassium. Yes, there is potassium in the peel. It can often account for up to 40% of the total potassium in the banana.

The yellow or green debate follows the humble banana into the realm of its peel. Which kind you use depends on how you’re going to eat it. In general, a green peel should be treated as a vegetable and should be mixed with spices and other foods to give it flavor. They’re full of starch and will willingly take the flavors you ask it to – much like a potato.

A yellow peel has a banana-like flavor, so it can be used in smoothies or other foods you might use a banana in. This color peel is also sweeter than a green peel – like the banana inside, if the peel is green it’s sour, but with a yellow peel it’s sweeter.

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Anytime you eat the peel, you will want to cut off both ends of the peel before using it – whether it’s green or yellow. There are many ways to eat a banana peel, so there’re plenty of varieties.

In Asian cultures, for example, the peel and fruit are used to make a fritter. Smoothies with yellow peels and vanilla ice cream are another possibility. They can even be eaten raw as long as you wash them thoroughly. You could also blend the peel up and have a banana peel shot – all peel, no fruit, and full of nutrients.

If that seems too hardcore, steam the peels for about ten minutes. This works well for a green peel and can create a good stir fry. If you like tea, boil the banana peel for about ten minutes in a pot of water. After you have strained the peels, you can use them like tea leaves. If you want sweet banana tea, add some honey.

However, you should try to buy organic bananas whenever you can. This will limit harmful chemicals that may counteract the health effects of the banana peels. Either way, you should clean them as thoroughly as you possibly can.

After trying banana peels, you will find the benefits and the ways to cook them so much better than tossing them into the garbage!


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