The Positive Side of Medicine


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Everything cool about calories, the creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes a little bit tighter every night, are collected here. For example while an adult female needs 2000 calories a day, Michael Phelps diet consists of 12000 calories per day!

And here is the Sumo wrestler who needs 20000 calories a day! A healthy man is thought to have a BMI (Body mass index) of 18-25. The BMI of a professional sumo wrestler is rarely found to be below 45. The sumo wrestlers diet and lifestyle is the key to this exceptionally large weight and despite the general opinion of most people, this is acheived through very rigorous eating and sleeping strategies rather than a mass endulgence in foods with high fat content.

Yasukuni Jinja Sumo

And whenever I exercise on top of those treadmills that show the burnt calories during my workout, I imagine how hard it is to burn 200 calories and then 300 and then 500?..Sigh…Fortunately, other organs in the body are helping us to consume the 2000-3000 calories that we’ve received during the day!


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