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Self-Health Examinations Every Woman Should Do

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Self-Health Examinations Every Woman Should Do
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

Our body is a beautiful and wonderful gift designed in such a way that it tries to tell you everything it needs or any problem it’s facing. We generally notice new moles and examine our breasts for symptoms of breast cancer, but generally miss checking other signs on your body that might be trying to say something. We look at ourselves more often and closely than our doctor therefore it becomes important to perform certain self-examinations mentioned below:

1. Check your flow

Per statistics cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women. Its important to regularly monitor your vaginal activities including flow. Studies show when cervical cancer starts disturbing nearby tissues women experience vaginal bleeding after closeness, between periods, or after menopause. If you notice any such sign immediately highlight them to your gynecologist. If you find everything is well you may ask your doctor if taking oral contraceptives is the right thing to do for regulating your menstrual cycle.

2. Check your nails

A constant check should be done on your nails to trace any dark lines on your nail beds. Moles on skin are not the only sign of skin cancer, sometimes dark lines and patches on nail beds also point towards melanoma which is the most severe form of skin cancer. Brown, yellowish, or black stripes are symptoms of possible cell damage. If you see any of these lines or patches, discuss them with your dermatologist. These signs, if detected early, can easily be controlled and do not prove fatal, ignoring them may lead to death.

Self-Health Examinations Every Woman Should Do

3. Check your complexion

If you find sprouting pimples or thick facial hair it could mean hormones and polycystic ovarian syndrome, a condition caused by over-production of testosterone in women, pattern-less periods, and insulin resistance. Its not something to be embarrassed of and should be brought to your doctor’s notice. These symptoms look like what males get during their puberty. Pelvic tests, vaginal ultrasound, and blood tests can come up with the truth and can be controlled with proper medication.

4. Check your eyelids

Checking your eyelids for soft small lumps of waxy-white color can give you an idea of your cholesterol levels. If you have tried all sorts of eye make-up but they remain they are telling you your cholesterol levels are high. Generally when these lumps show up cholesterol levels crossed the 300 mark which is unhealthy. Consult your doctor and tell them about these lumps, with proper changes in your diet and exercise these lumps can be taken care of. They should not be ignored as cholesterol levels are responsible for killing one in every 4 women in the US.

5. Check your armpits

If you observe dark patches of rough skin under your arm pits it can indicate diabetes. Higher insulin levels cause skin cells to multiply faster than normal and result in tissue build-up in armpits. You can go for a simple blood test which can tell you about your sugar levels and consult your doctor. Per statistics more than 10% of American women over 20 are diabetic and have such symptoms.

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