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How To Prepare For Coronavirus And What Should I Do If I Have Symptoms?

Covid-19 is a wide-world spread illness having its origins in the Huanan seafood wholesale market in the center of Wuhan, China. This member of the coronavirus family has never been seen among humans before. Its initial source was an animal, who transmitted a virus to humans. As of 2 March, an estimated 87,000 people were affected globally. In mainland China, 56% have already recovered and 3.6% have died. After conquesting Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Covid-19 goes further. Lately, its cases continue to be confirmed in the United States with more than 90 cases and six deaths confirmed. Health experts have known already that the virus’s transmission in the country is inevitable. It’s, therefore, important to prepare for coronavirus and be aware of what steps to follow to reduce risks of spreading out of control. Let’s review symptoms, and specialists’ advice regarding coronavirus COVID-19. 

How To Prepare For Coronavirus And What Should I Do If I Have Symptoms?
How To Prepare For Coronavirus And What Should I Do If I Have Symptoms?

Try not to panic, when online information starts to overwhelm you. They are not always coming from trustworthy sources. We already know that! COVID-19 outbreak is a serious public health concern, but the majority of infected people do not become seriously ill. Only a minimal percentage requires intensive care. prepare for coronavirus, warn your family, get acknowledged with the medical facts of major importance in case your community is affected by the virus, and… remember not to panic! 

Are there any other basic facts to know about COVID-19 that will let us prepare for coronavirus? Antibiotics won’t help. Not because it’s a new virus, but just because it’s a virus. In such cases, antibiotics are never prescribed. Neither the antiviral drugs we already have will work. The ones we have, are not prepared to fight with the new virus. So, what will help, instead? All that we have is our immune system and recovery depends on its strength. Many lethal cases were in very poor health already. 

The virus is transmitted from one person to another so in order not to be infected, it’s smart to keep away from infected people. The funny part is that you never know if someone is affected, because COVID-19 is, in many cases, asymptomatic. This part of the story forces whole nations, like Italy, to order the national quarantine! But if symptoms occur, which are they? Coronavirus can cause coughs, fever and breathing difficulties. These are the most common signs of the illness. It can cause pneumonia, and, in very severe cases, organ failure and death. 

What to do if you already have a cough or other symptoms? If you suspect that your “flu” can be coronavirus-related because you’ve recently traveled or you had contact with ill people, don’t go to the hospital. That will expose others and do much more harm! Call an emergency and make them come to your house. This way, you will contribute to social safety.  

How to prepare for coronavirus if there is no antidote? Well, there is. You and your family can act in a way that will prevent you from falling sick! By following some basic steps, you’ll minimize its powers of affecting you.  

Boring, as it is: just wash your hands! Every time you come back from the outside or after you meet people. Not only wet your hands with clean running water but get yourself a disinfectant liquid, alcohol-based hand sanitizers (at least 60 percent alcohol), and use it as often as needed. Don’t avoid working hard on the backs of your hands, between your fingers or under your nails. Scrub it for at least 20 seconds! Seriously, it may sound like nothing, but washing your hands will help you to prevent catching coronavirus. Afterward, dry your hands with a clean towel or let them air dry. Remember to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

If someone around you is showing flu- or cold-like symptoms, avoid them like fire (stay at least six feet away)! The virus seems to spread through droplets in the air from a cough or sneeze, so keeping yourself away from such situations will do you good. If you are sneezing or coughing, direct it into your elbow. In general, what we are doing here is trying to contain all germs in one place. Practice the famous “Ebola handshake,” to prepare for coronavirus. What is it? It consists of greeting others with elbow bumps. It’s a fun game!

Moreover, there is a fashionista trend to wear a mask. Again, if you are infected, avoid affecting others. Specialists say that face masks don’t do much to protect you, though. Most surgical masks are too loose to prevent inhalation of the virus, and they are not recommended if you’re healthy (unless you are a health care worker).

How To Prepare For Coronavirus And What Should I Do If I Have Symptoms?

What It’s Like To Have Dermatographia, A Condition That You Can Draw On Your Skin

Do you know any condition that lets you experiment with your body? Well… it definitely isn’t the flu! There are a few obnoxious skin conditions, like psoriasis, that bring you unbearable suffering. It appears that dermatographia is not the one. Some innovative “patients” actually made use of the condition to nourish their creative talents. They make art and share it with others. Let’s see what all the dermatographia fuss is about. 

What It's Like To Have Dermatographia, A Condition That You Can Draw On Your Skin
What It’s Like To Have Dermatographia, A Condition That You Can Draw On Your Skin

Dermatographia also called “skin writing condition”, affects about 5 percent of the population. The skin of an affected person is special. It behaves in a way that sensitive skin does but the intensity of this responsiveness is taken to the extreme. It’s particularly responsive to the outer stimuli, even if only slightly brushed against something.

Dermatographia hyper-sensitizes the skin to touch, diet, stress, and chemicals. The skin of the person affected is extremely reactive every time even when it’s only rushed or scratched. The result of even slight touch, welts, lasts for about half an hour and doesn’t hurt. They can be itchy, though! It doesn’t have a known cause or cure, but there are a few smart ways to manage it. What helps to calm down the irritated skin? Normally, a natural oily moisturizer of almond or coconut will do the job. Another thing to take control of is stress. Good management in this field can work wonders for the skin. 

Imagine that even a simple rubbing under the eye (we do it much more often than you imagine!), evokes an “OMG!” peer reaction each time because you look as if you were beaten up by your husband. This condition is a good gossip provoker! No wonder that sufferers aren’t filled with joy about having dermatographia at the beginning of their path. Those who aren’t attention-seeking stars, at first find it rather embarrassing to attract attention daily. Especially because it’s not about your intelligence, humor or cool fashion style, but a skin condition. 

But there is someone who changed the way we think about the skin condition called dermatographia. Our female-hero discovered she had been suffering from dermatographia only many years after the condition took off. She was used to naming her skin “sensitive”. Once, when she scratched her knee, and a welt traditionally appeared, she liked it and shot a pic. Those initial artworks attracted the attention of her art school professor and peers. They convinced the girl to look for the reason for such an excessive skin reaction. Happily, the first dermatologist she went to, diagnosed her with dermatographia instantly. So the great unknown was finally uncovered! 

The love and hate attitude to your skin is normal if you happen to have dermatographia – the artist confirms it with all her heart. She knows that while the condition isn’t debilitating, there are many aspects where social life shakes the “patient” and puts him or her in the feelings of shame and anxiety (especially at a young age, or when a welt is forming on the face). She claims that being constantly embarrassed by her skin among others wasn’t the solution in the long run. Sure it does behave unpredictably and weird, but loving and honoring it sounds much better than pure hatred. 

After being encouraged by peers and teachers from the art field, she decided to pursue photographing her condition. Now she showcases her work on the webpage. This way, she not only met an entire community of people with dermatographia online (social media wins the world), but also helps them as a source of knowledge. Many doctors have never heard of this condition. Some people were never diagnosed before coming across her photos. She even affectionately calls others with this condition “skin writers”. There’s nothing as connecting and sharing! 

To which level of craziness, did her creative liberation take her? She plays with skin-drawing with a stylus, like a knitting needle, to get some significantly pronounced welts. She doesn’t take it to the extreme, but using devices is a step further. What’s more, it’s not always spontaneous. Sometimes she creates freehand, but she also uses stencils prepared especially for this occasion. 

All of a sudden, during group meetings she’s invited to, she shares her art are. It’s not about complaining about the skin condition but showcasing how she draws on it. And people find it remarkable! It makes her unique. Hiding her skin is not a case anymore. Just the opposite.  

What to Know About the Mysterious Coronavirus


It’s needless to ask if you’ve already heard about it. The new coronavirus (COVID-19) left some of us fighting against panic attacks, others making jokes about the fuss it causes, and others just trying to stay calm and think clearly. The crucial role of the media would be to transmit confirmed information. But we know that these bastards master at exaggerating to attract our attention, and most of what we learn about coronavirus is absurdly pumped up! So let’s focus for a minute and clear the ground for the new, reliable piece of information on the subject. 

What to Know About the Mysterious Coronavirus

What is the coronavirus family in general? It ranges from the common cold to MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). Symptoms of the novel COVID-19 include fever, shortness of breath and cough, but can also cause pneumonia and severe acute respiratory syndrome (or even eventually lead to death). Its symptoms can be successfully treated, but there are no specific vaccines or medications for coronaviruses yet.

Specialists recommend wearing a mask, keeping basic hand hygiene (washing your hands with soap and water) and respiratory hygiene. When you sneeze, do it into the crook of your elbow or a paper handkerchief. COVID-19 is transmitted by respiratory means and physical contact (around one meter far by drops of saliva when coughing). A secondary means of transmission might be diarrhea.

Since coronaviruses come from animals, avoid unnecessary unprotected contact with live animals, wash your hands thoroughly after contacting them, and be assured that the meat is cooked thoroughly before consuming. The global scientific community still awaits confirmation, but the virus probably came from bats or another mammal species (yes, bats are mammals!). Chinese researchers suspect the pangolin. 

What we’ll want to know especially is how contagious is it, as well as, what’s its actual mortality rate. The Internet underlines coronavirus-caused deaths as if they were trophies, but we need facts. The most picturesque way of describing its infectiousness rate is that each person who falls ill will infect two or three others on average. Compared to other illnesses, this indicator is higher than a typical winter flu (1.3) but lower than measles (more than 12).

The COVID-19,  in this regard, is comparable to SARS. Some scientists leave a shadow of a doubt, though, that we might be underestimating the number of cases. What’s a little disconcerting, regarding the development of the illness worldwide, are asymptomatic cases. The incubation period is 2-10 days, so the set observation period, if the health situation of an individual becomes unclear, is 14 days (Would you mind two weeks in isolation?). 

Imperial College Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis published a study: “We estimated that about two-thirds of COVID-19 cases exported from mainland China have remained undetected worldwide, potentially resulting in multiple chains of as yet undetected human-to-human transmission outside mainland China”. The same opinion was expressed by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO chief, who was worried about “the number of cases with no clear epidemiological link, such as travel history to China or contact with a confirmed case”.

COVID-19 is more lethal than the average seasonal flu but the precise mortality rate remains unknown. We’ve got some good-looking, percentual data, though. The novel coronavirus was benign in 80.9 percent of the cases. It was labeled as “serious” in 13.8 percent and “critical” in 4.7 percent of patients.  China’s CDC study shows that the mortality rate increases with age. Patients over 80 years face a risk rate of 14.8 percent. Other threatened individuals suffer from cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases or hypertension. Since scientists don’t know how many people have been infected, global estimates are hard to be taken at face value. WHO’s confirmed numbers are 2,348 deaths from 76,392 confirmed cases in China on Saturday 22nd February 2020. 

Your Waist Size May Be More Important Than Weight for Multiple Heart Attack Risk

Being overweight is almost always linked to some corresponding medical pieces of advice. One of the reasons that makes it so hard to accept oneself in a fatty version is not about fashion anymore, it’s doctors that make you live healthily! This time, researchers have some new, striking scientific facts regarding heart attack survivors. You don’t have to work on your charmingly chubby body in general, but only on some little part of it (well, its actual size depends on how plumpy it is). You guessed it! We’re talking about the main hero of many girls’ talks, Mr. tummy. 

Your Waist Size May Be More Important Than Weight for Multiple Heart Attack Risk

It’s not about being generally overweight, but having a fluffy belly, with too many extra kilos, that appear to be linked with a greater risk of another heart attack among its survivors. That’s why checking your waistline size regularly and keeping it fit, may be important for your heart’s health. At least now, after the following research was published, it seems more pivotal than monitoring general weight issues. So Meghan Markle the trend of being super skinny with no hesitation, but keep examining your waist’s size (as you would anyway)! 

Who doesn’t like pot belly? We all love them. So what’s all the fuss about? Quite credible guys from the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology have confirmed that fat tummy not only increases the odds of having a first heart attack, but also further ones. Mind that beer bellies are present among many slim people as well. This research is so important because it’s the first time that scientists found a link between precisely a belly fat and the above-mentioned health risk. 

But don’t worry ladies. It’s more men than women that are put at risk in this particular regard. Research showed that the link was stronger and more linear in men. In women, the relation was “U-shaped”. The mid-range waist measurement was the least risky (not the narrowest!). Mind that, what they call “the middle”, is usually already called abdominal obesity – 80 cm wide. We couldn’t have been luckier! So let’s cultivate our tummies girls, cause this is what they are made for, but also be careful not to overdo! When it comes to men, your beer belly is your worst enemy. Men have probably more visceral fat. This one goes deep inside your body and wraps around your organs, is further turned into cholesterol. Girls’ tummy fat doesn’t do that! Women grow relatively harmless, subcutaneous fat.

What’s crucial for both sexes, regardless of how crazy the number of meds for the heart’s health you’re currently taking and how strikingly perfect your blood test results are, when it comes to your health well-being, your belly fat will still prove you wrong. 

As researchers from Stockholm found, most probably recurrent heart attack/stroke events may happen after the first misfortune if the fat belly is involved. Actually, not researchers themselves in the course of creativity flow but the deepened observation proved the hypothesis. More than 22,000 Swedish patients were looked at. The effect is, as follows – maintaining good waist circumference helps you prevent the bad energy of heart diseases and strokes from happening.

The study tracked the lives of loads of Swedish guys (men and women) to prove the titular truth. Researchers particularly closely observed the link between their waist circumference and events caused by clogged arteries like fatal and non-fatal heart attacks and stroke. We might have still not believed if it was just single research. It happened to be a longitudinal four years-long study. That already sounds pretty serious. The majority of patients had abdominal obesity (waist circumference equal to or above 94 cm for men and 80 cm women according to the World Health Organization). Whereas its risk substantially increased in men with a waist wider than 102 cm and 88 cm in women. Interestingly, the association of waist circumference was independent of any other factors like popular, well-known reasons to get your poor heart to suffer, like diabetes, hypertension, smoking, body mass index, and even prevention treatments.

How to keep your abdomen pretty and fit? Never stop practicing a healthy diet, regular exercise (everyday cardio like 30 minutes of walk is perfect). Sit-ups and strength training won’t help, because they don’t affect visceral fat, they can only tighten abs hidden below the fatty cover.

Tongue Fat Could Be Causing Your Miserable Sleep Apnea


Each season brings to life a new, brilliant idea – a fancy clothing style, the most recent hair-cut, brand-new diet. Further down the road even parts of your body that need to get fit also tend to change apparently. How to make your tongue slimmer and why even bother about it? The current research shows that tongue fat could be causing sleep apnea. Not surprisingly, when some credible scientists found it out, others asked – what the heck is tongue fat? Let’s have a quick biology lesson on sleep apnea first. 

Tongue Fat Could Be Causing Your Miserable Sleep Apnea
Tongue Fat Could Be Causing Your Miserable Sleep Apnea

From sleep apnea suffer more than 18 million American adults. Fair and square, it occurs in all age groups and both sexes. Factors that increase risk of this kinda democratic disease are a small upper airway (or large uvula, tongue, or tonsils), recessed chin, obesity, small jaw or a large overbite, large neck circumference (greater than 16–17 inches), gastroesophageal reflux, allergies, sinus problems, deviated septum, smoking, and alcohol use, as well as, being older than 40. There is also a possible genetic basis for this health problem. There, there, pace your pickles. Wait until we get to the tongue fat scandal. 

Sleep apnea is not easy to detect, and it’s also a serious disease, so we’ve got a two-in-one special here. Breathing that repeatedly stops for around 10 seconds during sleep and starts again can actually do a lot of harm. To discover that you may be suffering from it, look for symptoms like loud snoring, making gasping snorting or choking noises, waking up a lot during sleep, awakening with a dry mouth and headache, difficulty staying asleep (insomnia) or excessive daytime sleepiness (hypersomnia).

These warnings are comparably easy to find out, but the plot gets denser. Do you feel very tired during the day or have difficulty concentrating (very funny, most of us have it)? Do you experience irritability and have mood swings (still, no one is laughing!)? Further, there are a few more manifestations of this sneaky disease, but cool your beans, it can happen only if left untreated. Sleep apnea can lead to stroke, congestive heart failure, cardiac arrhythmia, sexual dysfunction, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, heart failure, and heart attack. The stakes are high. Are you quaking in your boots? Easy tiger! Let’s see how to make your cutie-pie tongue heroin-thin.

A theory that people with more tongue fat were more likely to have sleep apnea it seems quite far fetched (but it’s confirmed). However, it was when other scientists published research in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, proving that you can slim your tongue down, the info really rocked the socks. 

Are you ready to reduce the sleep apnea in the process by getting skinny up there, huh? Show how excited you are to get to know more! The first thing that usually comes to mind is that the tongue is a muscle, and they usually tend to be lean. Not exactly… It’s marbled with fat. Dazed and confused? The less fat you have in your body, the less of it is contained in your tongue. Research conducted on 67 people with sleep apnea shows that weight loss changes the anatomy (precisely: volume) of upper airway tissues, reducing the severity of sleep apnea. Getting your tongue skinny is even better in terms of efficacy than the surgery!

The current remedy is a CPAP machine that doesn’t evoke very good feelings among its users (results are pretty amazing though). Weight change isn’t the only answer, though. Skinny bitches suffer from their fair amount of apnea as well. Researchers don’t stop working on it! The tongue fat scandal may help researchers discover one more piece in the puzzle. Let’s hope for the successful elimination of sleep apnea shortly.

Tongue Fat Could Be Causing Your Miserable Sleep Apnea

Relationship Podcasts to Listen to If You Don’t Have Time for Couple’s Therapy

We’re all imperfect. This truth is well-known. Somehow, when we form a couple, we seem not to be aware of it, and instead of acknowledging that we have created a potentially 200% failure in any field, we tell ourselves that since we are united there is only a 50% risk. Apparently someone didn’t do the math. Sex issues, generic relationship problems, dating confusion – there is truly a lot that can go wrong. Relationship podcasts are one of the solutions.

Relationship Podcasts to Listen to If You Don’t Have Time for Couple’s Therapy

Sometimes you and your S.O. can get in real trouble. Much more than usual. Try not to let the situation send you on a wild-goose chase. How to act? The best you can do is seeing a psychotherapist. These professionals have helped many pairs already. Even the most broken, sad couples managed to resurrect. However, sometimes that’s easier said than done. You might be struggling financially, not having the time or lacking in any other resources. 

Solution? What was the internet made for! A therapist can surely offer good, well-tailored advice, but he or she is not the only one out there! Many professionalists specialized in relationships show themselves online creating relationship podcasts watched regularly by hundreds of thousands of people. 

Trying to figure out how to tell your partner that you started to feel not understood, that you wish your mum to move in, that you’re not ready for marriage? Relationship podcasts have all the answers! Do a little research and you’ll find ones that will address your deepest concerns and burning curiosities.

The curated bunch of podcasts below will show you the never-ending world of online relationship pieces of training (effective advice, thoughtful truths, smart insights). Watch out, it’s addictive! Once you start, it’s hard to stop, so it’s better to kick-off at the weekend! 

Matthew Hussey

This guy is well-known primarily for coaching women to get a man. You heard it. There is constant hunting going on in the dating world. He will tell you how to act and think, to be attractive for a potential long-term partner.

For Any Woman Who’s Ever Had Her Heartbroken – Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy

Mindful Attraction 2.0.

This coach is actually more of a friend. He helps both men and women and specializes in the subject of attraction. He prefers to train women, giving them smart, sometimes even a little manipulative pieces of advice.

7 Unattractive Traits in Women That Turn Men Off


If you’re interested in podcasts, there is no way you don’t know TEDx University. Here, you won’t find any semi-truthful ways to seem attractive even if you’re really not. Those podcasts are made for singles and couples who want to go deeper with their interests, spirituality, and love life. 

How To Tell If Someone Truly Loves You | Femi Ogunjinmi | TEDxXavierUniversity

Lilly Singh

A funny and smart one. Some tips on dating, some other on relationships, she’s got you covered. All wrapped in an energetic and funny endeavor. Everyone loves her attitude.

Types of Crushes

Sexy Confidence

Sexy Confidence, as the name of the podcast shows, is about being confident enough to feel sexy and reaching your goals. Relationship goals obviously. 

7 Signs He’s Secretly Attracted to You (#3 Makes NO Sense)

Amy Young

That’s a golden girl that helps other girls. That’s something made for women, devoted to sisterhood. In short, Amy lived through all the possible romantic stories by herself and is now ready to spread the news!

How to Let Go When He Doesn’t Like or Love You Back

Steve TV Show

Good, old Stevey. America loves him because he’s so straight forward, yet, a little too conservative when it comes to men-women romantic relationships.

What He Really Means: She’s Not Having It

Fancy Date Ideas for Your Posh Valentine’s Day

We’ve all been there. Whether you’re single or coupled, everyone is about to be troubled on Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it, as long as you’re single, all you have to do is grumble. As soon as you get yourself an amazing S.O., organizing Valentine’s Day becomes a real challenge. Don’t worry though! This time you are fully covered. We’ve prepared a deluxe list of creative ideas to save you from ruining this day like last year. Mind that ‘creative’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘complicated’ or ‘expensive’! That’s absolutely not the right definition. Trust us and let’s see what the future brings for this year’s Valentine’s Day. Forget the traditional and let’s ride with our creative list! 

Fancy Date Ideas for Your Posh Valentine's Day

1. Take a class – dancing, cocktail, sushi making.

Right… You were thinking rather about leisure time, weren’t you? Valentine’s Day is not going to be a free evening anyway, so why not spend it on doing something fruitful? Something that remains and levels you up? Just think about it. You’ll go through a lesson together and get to know another weak and strong points of your duo. You’ll most probably go out of the course with a piece of new knowledge. Is there anything better than this?

2. A poetry night or art exhibition

There are things you’re not used to doing daily. Let’s face the truth, not even once a week. But Valentine’s Day is a 100% freedom and fun evening, and it’s exceptionally open to the novelty and creativity. It’s all about waking up excitement and passion in a relationship. Say hello to once forgotten love for arts, go and meet new people, have fun talking about things you have no idea about. Be open-minded! P.S. This option involves karaoke or any other type of drunk performing, as well.

3. Dark dinner.

We’ve all heard about it more than once. We bet you have never really taken it seriously, though. If there is any place that business meetings never take place or where friends never really hang out, it’s there, in dark restaurants. Let’s assess the situation – you have no idea who serves your food, where the food is, or even what’s there to eat. Still, it has been a pretty trendy place for dates, for more than a few years already. Do yourself a favor and check out this place. This kind of restaurant is both adventurous and risky, so it’s another kinky way to test the way the two of you handle stressful improvised circumstances.  

4. Pay a visit to the local botanical garden.

We know that it seems more traditional than creative, but you know what? It’s not! The thing is, Valentine’s Day takes place in the middle of the winter. Why bother buying (or receiving) a bunch of boring red roses, if you can see all the possible exotic gardens coming from the whole world in one place, during the season, when every other greenish being was dramatically cut down by the frost? Have yourself a breathtaking floral backdrop on Valentine’s Day. Pump up your imagination about the upcoming holidays! 

5. Prepare your very own beer.

Never thought about it, have you? Normally, you would go for wine or champagne. But since we’re all in with creative options, let’s have what we like most! Unless you actually hate these kinds of soft drinks, then you better stay with vodka. If there’s a preference for the two of you to make your own beer at a local brewery and take your own batch home, don’t think twice and go for it! Seen this way, Valentine’s Day doesn’t seem boring and kitschy at all. 

6. Rent an Airbnb cabin.

This option is similar to the actual trip, but in this case, you don’t really have to go anywhere. Remind yourself the craziest renting caprice, and find an amazing cabin or crazy Airbnb in your town! It will stimulate your imagination to the fullest. Also, this way you’re gonna remove yourself from the day-to-day grind. What can you do later? It depends on you. You can both disappear under the sheets or surprise your S.O. with a unique stargazing night option. 

Infertile Couples: Top 5 Family-Building Options

A couple always imagines conceiving naturally and realizing their dream of parenthood. However, infertility can have always been unfair and a setback to realizing their dream of parenthood.

Infertile Couples: Top 5 Family-Building Options

The good news is that infertility is not the end of the dream, thanks to the advancement in medical technology. Currently, more than ever before in history, there are more options to infertile couples hoping to have a child. Infertility diagnosis is no longer shameful (as considered in some quarters) or an opportunity to divorce.

Infertile couples can live together happily and realize their dream of building a family. Below are the top five family building option available to intended parents.

1. Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a family building process where an embryo is either created or donated for the intended parents then implanted into a woman’s uterus. It can be either traditional or gestational surrogacy.

In the case of traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother provides the egg and is inseminated artificially, either by the intended father’s sperms and carries the baby to term. Therefore, the child is will be genetically related to both the egg recipient and the intended father.

Gestational surrogacy, on the other hand, is where an egg is removed from the intended mother and fertilized with the sperm of the intended father. The embryo or fertilized egg is then transferred to a mother who carries the fetus to term. Therefore, the child will be genetically related to both intended parents, but not the egg recipient.

2. Donor option

When one of the intended parents does not have a viable sperm or egg, they can opt for a gamete donation (egg or sperm). If this is the path taken, then one parent will always have a genetic connection with the child. Single women or men who desire to have a biological child and LGBTQ couples may consider using donor eggs or sperms in the conception process. 

However, if neither of the intended parents has a healthy sperm or egg, they can opt for an embryo donation (already fertilized egg). Both sperm and egg used to create the embryo are donated by an anonymous donor or even a close relative. Also, embryos may be available from individuals who have undergone in-vitro fertilization treatment for infertility. Any embryo that was not used is usually cryopreserved and may be available for donation.

3. Adoption

There are lots of little toddlers who crave parental love, while you as a couple are struggling to have your own, there are others who would be more than happy to complete your family. Adoption is a family building option where a family brings up a child with whom they are not genetically related and claim the child as their own.

There are many forms of adoption. They include private domestic adoption where a couple adopts a child from a mother who has placed the said child up for adoption due to varying reasons. The adoption is within the country of residence.

Then there is the international adoption where a couple can adopt an older child or one with special needs from a foreign country. Lastly, there is foster care adoption where a child in foster care is legally free to be adopted. Such children often have their parents right over them terminated by the court.

4. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

Often when a couple is diagnosed with infertility, the first step would be is o try and take fertility drugs. The drugs are intended to stimulate ovulation or increase sperm production to even thickening the uterine wall, among other reproductive health issues.

Now, when the drugs fail to work, they can opt for an assisted reproductive technology (ART). There are several medical procedures under ART that an infertile couple can choose to undertake.

For instance, there is the In-vitro fertilization (IVF) that involves harvesting of intended parents’ sperm and egg then fertilized before being implanted in the woman as an embryo. Also, Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is somehow like IVF.

If harvesting the egg is unnecessary, the sperms can be harvested and inserted directly into the uterine cavity. The process is referred to as Intrauterine insemination (IUI). Then there is assisted hatching to assist infertile couples’ embryo in hatching.

5.  Living childfree

This is the last resort. Not all couples would agree to this, as a traditional home is known to include a child. However, this is an option that requires serious consideration.

guest blog

Eat Like The GAME CHANGER, It’s Healthier, Change The Mindset to Be Better

With all the health news about the benefits of a plant-based diet, the directors of the new film Gamechangers wanted to show that realistically and scientifically, a diet based on plants is optimum. They made all the information available to demonstrate that transitioning to a plant-based diet would be a game-changer in your life, so the film takes three NFL football players and proves the energy, power, and sustainability of a plant-based diet.  The Game changers are streaming on Netflix.

Eat Like The GAME CHANGER, It's Healthier, Change The Mindset to Be Better

Why Would You Want to Change?

The simple answer is because of all the benefits that come with a plant-based diet as opposed to a meat-based. A large variety of nutritious foods to choose from, easily digestible protein, longer life, and less disease are only a few. For decades, the media has instilled into the minds of consumers that a vegan/vegetarian diet is insufficient for your body’s needs especially with protein, and that is not true! Meat is not the only source of complete protein. 

Well, has anyone ever told that to an ox or a cow, let alone three sizeable NFL players and many bodybuilders have proven that information wrong? The truth is they all consume plants; they do not eat any animals for protein. This is beneficial for both humans and animals because the animals don’t have to become the “middle man” when it comes to humans consuming enough protein. Humans can simply consume the plants, and receive all the vitamins, minerals and protein while saving the cow and the chicken. 

But there is so much confusion surrounding this issue that most people feel overwhelmed by the conflicting nutritional information that is put before them. The movie explains and demonstrates this, and by looking at how the plants make a superior food source, the results speak for themselves. Plants contain many times more antioxidants than meat, which reduces inflammation and is necessary for your immune system. Plants are easier to digest and yet, they contain all 23 of the amino acids, which is the foundation of protein and required for a well-functioning body. It’s a game-changer!

What Would I Eat Every Day?

The key to a successful diet for most people is satisfaction and variety while they obtain all the essential nutrients their body needs. Carbs are a major component of plants, so many people think that they will get too many carbs and gain weight. The body naturally subsists and produces energy with the natural plant carbohydrates you consume, and a diet based on plants supplies a large variety of nutrients, carbs and amino acids required for a healthy, energetic system. All the delicious fruits, vegetables, and grains available to you contribute the certain nutrients required at differing levels, so you simply mix and match to get a wonderful supply. You can find delicious recipes on websites such as All Recipes.com.

Changing Your Mindset to a Better Way of Life

The Game changers explain and answers your questions for an incredible, healthier lifestyle with a vegan/vegetarian diet both scientifically and practically. Gamechangersmovie.com/food offers insight into a well-balanced lifestyle that will increase energy and well-being even if you start out by only replacing one or two regular meat-based dinners a week. You are going to love the results you get!

Man Accidentally Swallows Dentures While Eating Pancakes

Oral health care’s value can be greatly underrated. Our mouths are used for eating, communication, and also can be a reflection of how healthy our bodies are functioning. When we neglect our oral health, we end up losing our teeth, which can have numerous consequences on our everyday lives. If we lose our teeth, it becomes difficult to talk, eat, and hold our facial structure together. If you lose multiple teeth, you may need to supplement them with caps or dentures, which can be expensive. 

Man Accidentally Swallows Dentures While Eating Pancakes

Great oral hygiene begins with a proper diet. Eating foods with high acidic or sugar content creates tooth decay, which eventually results in tooth loss. Healthy foods like leafy greens, apples, and cheese are beneficial. Drinking water, along with practicing proper oral hygiene can help eliminate tooth decay, which will lower the chances of losing your teeth. For existing plaque and bacteria, it is important to brush and floss teeth at least twice per day. Removing plaque will also prevent gum disease, another underlying cause for tooth loss. 

In addition to commercial toothpaste, you can make remineralizing natural toothpastes and mouthwashes. Coconut oil and turmeric toothpaste are great for detoxing the mouth, whitening teeth and eliminating bacteria. Despite the method you use, consistency is key. The inability to consistently practice proper hygiene will require false teeth, which can be both painful and dangerous. For instance, if your false teeth experience normal wear and tear, they can come apart and be swallowed. This was definitely true for Mr. Shang.

Mr. Shang was hospitalized after swallowing his false teeth while eating pancakes. He immediately realized while eating at a restaurant he could not feel his dental plate because he accidentally ate them. After getting hospital scans, Shang’s assertion was correct. In fact, he swallowed three of his teeth, causing abrasions to his digestive tract. 

The hospital’s main gastroenterologist was struggling to figure out a way to remove the teeth without causing further damage. After a two-hour procedure, the teeth were removed from his stomach, which was difficult because the esophagus and stomach were already damaged when the teeth were swallowed. Shang is anticipated to make a full recovery since his operation.

Practicing proper hygiene is important for healthy teeth and avoiding dentures. In addition to brushing, flossing, and eating healthy foods, certain behaviors should be avoided, including grinding your teeth, chewing ice, smoking, and opening things (cans, bottles, etc.) with your teeth. It is also important to wear mouth guards if you play sports to avoid accidents that can lead to tooth loss. Following these steps will ensure a healthy mouth and avoid getting false teeth. Be sure to also regularly visit your dentist.

CBD-Rich Cannabis Can Treat ‘Multiple Symptoms’ of Autism

Natural treatments, especially those involving CBD oils and its variants are on the rise. In addition to the many ailments and health problems, it aids in treating, CBD rich cannabis is also being used in the treatment of Autism. For many years, cannabis has been used anecdotally as a “cure”, but now studies are starting to back up those claims. 

CBD-Rich Cannabis Can Treat 'Multiple Symptoms' of Autism

How CBD Rich Cannabis Helps Treat Symptoms

While CBD oil has largely only been approved by the US government to treat epilepsy, it’s thought to be able to treat some of the issues that those on the spectrum suffer from. The theory behind it is the conditions that lead to seizures are thought to be related to the conditions that lead to non-epileptic autism. CBD oil acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps the brain function better. 

In a recent study, 18 patients were studied for a 9-month period. Each of these patients received CBD rich cannabis Sativa extract also with a THC ratio of 75 to 1. During the study, 3 patients stopped the treatment due to adverse effects but out of the 15 patients left, 14 patients showed improvements in their negative symptoms. 

The 9 patients that didn’t suffer from both epilepsy and autism, showed improvement up to 30% in the monitored categories, while the other 4 showed vast improvements in social interactions, the ability to stay focused, and sleep. Of the 15 that remained in the study, 10 were on pharmaceuticals and of the 10, 9 of them were still showing signs of improvement even when reducing the medication or stopping it completely while using cannabis medicines. 

In another study, researchers found that cannabis oil that has at least 30% CBD showed significant improvements in several areas. 89% showed a significant decrease in restlessness and rage incidences. 20% has sleep issues completely resolve. Lastly, symptoms like agitation, anxiety, depression, tics, and seizures decreased over 80% and self-assessed quality of life doubled in just 6 months of treatment. Furthermore, 25% of those that were on antipsychotics stopped their dosage altogether or decreased it due to the CDB treatment having positive effects.

CBD Methods

CBD can be taken in many different forms. These range from sprays, edibles like gummies, tablets, capsules, vaping, lotions, and even sublingual. Each method offers a delivery time frame in which it takes for it to work and can be used for different ailments. While sublingual and vaping are the best ways to get instant results, vaping can come with some negative consequences. Therefore, more research on the delivery method is needed for safe consumption.

There are more and more studies coming out with positive results in the treatment for CBD being a treatment. However, it still has a long way to go to be accepted as a proper alternative treatment or as a standard. Dosages and methods of use are still being researched to ensure the best way to treat all ailments are safe and provide relief.

What It Feels Like to Wake up During Surgery: ‘It Was Like a Nightmare’


Surgeons perform procedures for patients after administering general anesthesia. Patients slip into a deep sleep with little or no knowledge of the surgical procedure. On rare occasions, patients wake up during surgery. This condition is called anesthesia awareness. This condition is generally traumatic. 

What It Feels Like to Wake up During Surgery: 'It Was Like a Nightmare'

What is Anesthesia Awareness  

Anesthesia awareness is a condition where patients under general anesthesia suddenly wake up during surgery. They recall events taking place during surgery. Some patients recall their surroundings during the procedure. The term anesthesia awareness is used only when the patient becomes conscious after general anesthesia takes effect. In some cases, patients dream and think they experienced awareness while surgeons perform procedures. Patients experience the condition under local anesthesia and intravenous sedation. 


The cause of anesthesia awareness may be the administration of inadequate anesthetics. The reason for administering inadequate anesthetics may be deliberate after evaluating the needs of the patient or accidentally. The misuse or failure of equipment may cause anesthesia awareness and patients wake up during surgery. When the anesthetic administered does not work and does not sedate the patient, anesthetic awareness occurs. Some procedures require reduced anesthetics and patients become aware of the surgical procedure.


Experts have made extensive studies and have found that the chances of anesthesia awareness are rare. One in a thousand patients experience anesthesia awareness and wake up during surgery. The most recent among studies conducted by Oxford University has found that anesthesia awareness occurs in one in 19,600 cases. Surgeons in the US perform over 21 million procedures and only about 1050 patients are likely to experience anesthesia awareness. 

How does it feel? 

Patients have different experiences during anesthesia awareness. Some patients feel pain while others don’t. They are immobile suffer pain and are unable to tell their surgeons. Some patients can hear their surgeons talk while performing surgery. Some patients are aware of their surroundings and can hear their surgeons but may not feel pain. Patients suffer mental anxiety because they are unable to move and feel a sense of helplessness. In rare cases, one can move their limbs or speak to signal the inefficiency of the anesthetic.  


Anesthesia awareness is a traumatic experience for patients. Patients suffer post-traumatic stress disorders after the anesthesia awareness experience. Patients often avoid surgery for fear of possible anesthesia awareness. The psychological effects of patients can be long-lasting. Patients experience flashbacks and nightmares long after their traumatic surgical experience. In some cases, the stress caused by anesthesia awareness alters the lifestyle and behavior of patients.  
Waking up during surgery or anesthesia awareness is a traumatic condition for patients. Fortunately, the condition occurs rarely. When anesthesia awareness does occur, it can be a devastating psychological experience for patients.

Symptoms and Causes of Poor Circulation

Circulation issues are always the result of poor blood flow in an area. However, there are many possible symptoms associated with poor circulation. And there are several common causes of poor circulation. We’ll address the most common symptoms and causes of poor circulation here. 

Symptoms and Causes of Poor Circulation

What are the symptoms of poor circulation? 

Poor circulation in the legs can cause them to feel heavy, trigger or worsen varicose veins, and eventually leads to sores on the feet that won’t heal. You can also feel itching, burning, and pain in areas with poor circulation. In theory, this can lead to nerve death, especially in diabetes. 

When you have peripheral artery disease or poor circulation in the arteries leading to your arms or legs, the affected limbs may feel colder than the rest of your body. The limbs could then take on a different color due to poor circulation. They may or may not be slower to heal. 

If your feet hurt when you lay down, that’s a sign of peripheral arterial disease in the feet. Normally, it would hurt worse to get moving than to stop. 

When you have particularly poor circulation, you’re prone to edema or swelling of the area. If one arm or leg is much larger than the other, this is a major red flag. In these cases, seek medical attention immediately. 

Pressing and squeezing sensations in the chest could be a sign of a heart attack, or it could indicate poor circulation that could lead to that in the future. If you are experiencing these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. 

A related symptom is chronic fatigue and feeling out of breath. However, if it is accompanied by chest pain or nausea, again, call for assistance. A less severe symptom is when you have chronic pain or muscle cramps in a particular area. This is caused by the lack of adequate blood flow to the affected area. 

Numbness and tingling can be caused by a lack of proper blood flow. Note that this is always a major warning sign since it can progress to nerve death. The nerve pain going away could result in a lack of feeling in that area, and know that the nerves will not grow back. 

What are some of the causes of poor circulation? 

One of the most causes of poor circulation is atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. This is something that worsens with age, but lifestyle and diet can make it worse. That’s why they give people cholesterol-lowering drugs. The issue can be caused or aggravated by diabetes. It is also why those with diabetes get their feet inspected once a year for foot ulcers. Consult with an expert like David Nabi, MD to determine the best treatment plan for you. 

Obesity increases the odds of poor circulation problems in general for those affected, and it increases your risk of diabetes, another risk factor for developing circulatory problems. The general lack of inactivity results in worsening general circulation. 

Blood clots can cause suddenly worse circulation. You’re at increased risk of this during pregnancy, bed rest or prolonged time sitting. This is why they warn you about deep vein thrombosis on international flights and suggest you get up and stretch. Increased physical activity reduces the risk in these cases, though it is not always an option. The odds of blood clots forming may be worsened due to the medication you take. Always consult with a doctor to learn how to lower your odds of blood clots along with the associated risk of heart attacks and stroke. 

In the case of varicose veins, age is a factor, but so is a family history. Varicose veins can be treated surgically, whether they are sewn up or cauterized with lasers. 

High blood pressure can increase the odds of circulatory problems, whether it is due to diabetes and heart disease or a contributing factor to it.

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Teen Receives Historic Double Lung Transplant Due to a New Trend

The latest smoking trend, known as vaping, has left many individuals with numerous illnesses and side effects. With the latest news release of a young teenager needing a double lung transplant within one year of vaping, it is easy to see that there is a health crisis on the rise. As a matter of fact, there are new cases of lung disorders popping up daily.

Teen Receives Historic Double Lung Transplant Due to a New Trend

There are multiple factors that need to be considered regarding this trend. For instance, what are the chemicals found in vape juice, how the vapors affect the lungs, and the possibility of needing a lung transplant? These are important questions that seem to be avoided by individuals who start vaping.

Original claims stated that a person could choose to vape in order to stop smoking cigarettes. However, there was never any mention of the harmful side effects that are becoming quite prevalent in society today. The latest information available has stated that e-cigarettes are not the best method for quitting cigarettes, and they are just as harmful as traditional cigarettes.

When you look at the current evidence, there is a reason to believe that nicotine addiction is on the rise. If this situation is not attended to, then the next generation will rely heavily on nicotine as well as increase their risks for lung disorders. This could mean that the need for a lung transplant becomes far more common for future generations.

It is important to understand how nicotine affects the body, especially in young children. Research has shown that the chemical slows down brain development in young individuals, affects concentration, and increases the risk of other addictions later on in life. Even though vape juice has fewer chemicals than cigarettes does not make it a better option for nicotine consumption.

As a matter of fact, if a person uses e-cigarettes or vaporizers, then they are actually increasing their chances of smoking cigarettes. This is a life-threatening decision that will affect a person’s ability to play sports, think clearly, or leave them facing other unknown health risks. It is important to remember that cigarettes were widely used for several decades before people started getting cancer from the product.

This Maryland Baby is Going Strong After Being Taken Off Life Support

It’s a choice that no one should ever have to face. Taking your baby off of life support has to be the worst decision anyone could ever have to make. Monique Goldring was set to face that very scenario with her own young baby almost a year ago. However, she probably couldn’t imagine what would happen after she made that decision. 

This Maryland Baby is Going Strong After Being Taken Off Life Support

The mother from Maryland had given birth to a beautiful baby girl named Phoenix. Unfortunately, Phoenix had been born with a serious heart defect known as “double outlet right ventricle”. Because of the defect, her heart was not able to circulate oxygen throughout her body in the usual way. When Phoenix was just 2-months-old, doctors put a stent in her heart during just one of the many surgeries she was slated to undergo.

When Phoenix turned 7-months-old, she was struck with a severe nosebleed while at home with her family. As they rushed her to the hospital, she stopped breathing and turned blue. Goldring stated that she knew that her baby was gone. While she did survive the sudden cardiac arrest, the young baby was left with significant brain damage. 

Phoenix was on life support for almost a month before Goldring made the agonizing decision to remove the ventilator that allowed her to breathe. She told doctors that she could tell how “tired” her baby was of fighting for her life. After coming off of the ventilator, Goldring sat with her baby and waited. Although the doctors stated that it would take about six hours for her to pass away, that time came and went. Her mother watched as her baby continued to thrive without the help of a ventilator. 

While Phoenix was discharged from the hospital in May, she was placed in hospice status after doctors stated she would probably die if they continue with the necessary surgeries she needs for blood flow. She will also outgrow the stent that was placed in her heart. 

Goldring is hoping to find a doctor who is willing to take a risk with the next two surgeries her daughter needs. While there are still challenges up ahead, Goldring has been focused on all of the small milestones she didn’t think she would ever see. The next milestone coming up? Phoenix’s first birthday party. She plans on having lots of food and activities with her friends, family, and of course, little Phoenix. 

Goldring went on to say that while she doesn’t know what the future has in store for them, she is just elated that she has this time with her “miracle baby”. 

How To Help Live A Longer Life

We’d all like to live as long as a life as possible, but there are certain life choices that might decrease the age at which we live. To avoid this as best as possible, here are some tips to help live a longer life.

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Get Physical

Being physically active is important when you are trying to maintain a healthy body. The combinations of unhealthy food and drink every once in a while, or perhaps on a regular basis are going to have an effect on your body. To be able to counteract that effect, you want to be able to do a bit of fitness on a daily or weekly basis. Ideally, you should be doing at least twenty minutes of exercise per day, but for many, that can be pretty unrealistic to begin with. So instead try doing a little bit each day and then working your way up. Find something you love, rather than something a friend or colleague loves doing. If you are looking for a more controlled form of exercise that focuses on your mind and body, then meditation teacher training is something you might want to get involved in. Meditation is all about slowing down and being more conscious of your body and its movements, and if you’re a good leader, then it might be something you’d excel at and still be able to get some fitness benefits from if you mix in a little yoga.

Go On More Holidays

Life is definitely for living, and sometimes we can forget to live it. We focus more on having enough money in the bank and ensuring we can make other commitments in life that are mostly to do with other people. So it’s time to be selfish for once and go on more holidays. You likely work very hard for your money, and you should be spoiling it on yourself than on other people all of the time. Try to find some time at points in the year where you could either try long weekends away or having a main holiday in or out of the school holiday season. It’s important to see the world we live in and to explore the different cultures and places that are available for us to discover. Travelling keeps our bodies and minds active, and that can contribute to our health.

Cut Out Bad Habits

We all have our bad habits, and they are bad habits for a reason. They don’t have the best effect on our health, and so it’s important to cut these out where possible. Things like smoking and excessive drinking are never going to help the body and will end up causing a lot of damage to your body internally over time. It’s definitely a good idea to try and detox from these bad habits and to try and cut them out completely. That’s not always possible, but it definitely is beneficial in attempting to reduce how much you smoke or how often you drink. You will certainly feel much better in yourself if you give it a go. 

Surround Yourself With Positive People

When you’re surrounded by positive people, it can help you become positive yourself. The importance of positive people in your life is very significant because those who are trying to bring you down can play havoc on your emotions and your mental health in general. If you’re spending time with people that can share a positive outlook on life then being in that environment is going to make you feel more comfortable to talk about those feelings of doubt when you’re not feeling like yourself. That’s because they’re going to help lift you up and not try to bring you down even further.

Work On Your Mental Wellbeing

As far as your mental wellbeing goes, it can be just as impactful on your health as your general health can be. You want to spend time on your mental health and being able to understand those times you go through when you’re not feeling yourself. Knowing what to do in that situation to bring you out of it is important, and it’s one that you work out over time. Look after yourself and be selfish when you need to be.

Follow these tips to live a much happier and longer life!

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Cutting-edge Treatment Programs For Individuals Battling with Opioid Addiction

Image result for ibogaine treatment

Drug addiction is a global problem that has seen resulted in increased focus and scientific research in the niche segment in a bid to find better treatment solutions. Families and individuals who have had to walk through this journey understand the struggle it takes to attain full sobriety. A common concern for people who have taken the road to recovery is the ever-present likelihood of relapsing and the duration it takes to complete an active treatment. Consequently, there have been calls for better treatment techniques and the adoption of long-term measures that will make recovery smoother for patients. However, this has not been easy as there is no magic wand or pill that offers instant and life-long solutions. This has further been complicated with the uniqueness of each addiction, calling for varied approaches to attain the desired results.

Still, at a time when there are lots of cases of opioid overdose in the United States, drug addiction experts and researchers have been up to the task. The drive to seek innovative and effective medications to curb what has fast become a national disaster has resulted in the exploration of new areas of treatment. Research in alternative treatment models that can be embraced instead of traditional methods has shifted the focus of the industry to Western Africa. This is because the rainforest in this region is known for being home to Tabernathe iboga, a shrub whose roots produce ibogaine. The naturally occurring psychoactive alkaloid has, over the decades, proven to be critical for opioid addiction treatment as it plays a critical role in detoxification.

The core of ibogaine treatment

A major concern that arises from most traditional opioid addiction treatment techniques is that they tend to leave patients with intense withdrawal symptoms. As such, despite completing a rehabilitation program, these cravings ultimately get the better of the recovering addict, and they go back to drug use. While the withdrawal symptoms are varied in severity and how they manifest, it is a primary weak point that makes managing the addiction problem more complicated. This is because it is a circle of frustration as one goes through rehabilitation only to relapse and start the journey anew. Overly, it is a struggle that is hard to keep up with and has seen many people give up on the effort to have a drug-free lifestyle.

Fortunately, with the discovery of ibogaine treatment for opioid addiction, there is an increased likelihood of clean living without the burden of withdrawal cravings. Studies on how ibogaine works show that it targets the brain receptors that are responsible for addiction and social behavior. After linking with these receptors, it then causes a fast-acting interruption that ‘resets’ the state of the addict. Described in the simplest terms, the effects of undergoing this treatment for anyone battling addiction is it takes them to a state before the addiction. This happens after the individual battling with addiction is put into a oneirophrenic state where they have dreamlike visions. From this vision stage, the patient then gets to the ‘processing’ stage, where they get to have a deep evaluation of their state from a new vantage point.

The best part is that despite the fast-acting abilities of ibogaine, it does not instantly fade off, leaving the patient with undesired cravings. This is possible because, after the first-pass metabolism by the liver, ibogaine gets converted to noribogaine that sticks in the body for longer. It then acts as a potent serotonin reuptake inhibitor as it has most of the anti-addictive qualities of ibogaine. Consequently, it gives patients sufficient breathing room that they can utilize to develop a healthy lifestyle. It is these first months that are often the most difficult for a recovering addict, but noribogaine makes it easier as it can stay in the body for up to four months.

For individuals considering this line of treatment, ibogaine statistics are highly encouraging and better than most medication. The high success rates of the addiction treatment program are nonetheless limited to where one goes for the therapy. As a psychedelic, ibogaine treatment has to be strictly handled by seasoned professionals who have an in-depth understanding of its capabilities and use. Most importantly, the medication must be offered in a highly regulated environment where the patient is actively monitored.

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How To Treat Your Damaged Hair In The Right Way


In modern times, people are using so many chemicals as well as types of devices that damage their hair. Therefore, knowing how to treat your damaged hair in the right way is always essential. 

Let’s learn through the best ways now!

1. Do not overheat your hair

Overheating hair with hair dryers or other tools is one of the leading causes of damaged hair. You had better seek air-dry formulas without heat or apply heat protection products on your hair when you need to heat it.

2. Treat your hair gently

It is common sense that too much friction and stress are harmful to hair. And you must note that wet hair is much more vulnerable than dry hair. 

Therefore, you should never use a brush, wear a band, or take any intense action against your hair when it is still wet. Still, specialized brushes like a wide-tooth comb are acceptable.

When you have just shampooed, gently dry your hair with a piece of microfiber cloth, a fluffy towel, or even a soft t-shirt instead of roughly rubbing.

3. Cut split ends of your hair

To control your split ends, you should have them regularly trimmed. Actually, it is unnecessary to lose much length of your hair. Your hairstylist only cut through the ends to maintain the healthy and un-frayed parts.

Nonetheless, prevention is always better than cure. You ought to treat your hair with types of conditioners and leave-in creams apart from fortifying shampoos. 

4. Careful with swimming and the sun!

Whether you swim in a pool or a beach, saltwater and other chemicals have the same impacts on making your hair brittle and fragile. The adverse effects are even double as these activities often take place in the summer.

If you are going to swim, protect your hair with a swim cap. Using a hair mask before you go out is also a good idea. 

Once you have finished swimming or sunbathing, you have to cleanse and condition your hair instantly with suitable moisturizing formulas.

5. Your hair must not get thirsty

Lack of moisture is the top reason why your hair is crispy and easy to break. If your hair is likely to be dehydrated, embrace a proper moisturizing regimen with hair masks and leave-in products in addition to hydrating shampoos, conditioners. 

With reparative and moisturizing substances such as oils, vitamins, as well as naturally-sourced elements, hair masks are a perfect source of nutritious supplement for your hair.

Besides, you can also find specific products for dyed-hair, highly-damaged hair, and many more to have better performance.


All of the above are just the most common ways to treat your damaged hair. Hence, if your hair is weakened by other causes, you may need to find different solutions. 

Nonetheless, taking care of your hair more often with hair products is always a wise mean. If you are wondering what products are suitable for you, take a look at Monat hair products reviews to find out.

Comment below your problems and questions. We are willing to solve all of them.

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