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The Role of A Quality Control Manager

The Role of A Quality Control Manager

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Quality control managers have a lot of pressure on their shoulders.  Working in a job that seems so self-explanatory is surprisingly complicated!  Instead of guessing at what the position entails, read about the parts that make up this rough job!

Types of Quality Control

There are four parts to quality control that all matter.  Although these roles are combined into one position for most companies, they may often be split up so that several people each hold one function of the four.  The first role is acceptance sampling!  This job entails taking a small portion of the product and running a statistical analysis on whether this would be good to pass on or not.  From here, process control takes over and carefully ensures the process is sticking to the regulations and rules defined by the company and local laws.  Process control then goes through and provides the items left live up to an excellent standard.  Finally, control charts mark down what was discovered, and the product moves on.

Importance of Quality Control

Quality control is a job that our society wouldn’t be able to function without.  From Kellogs ensuring their cereal isn’t toxic to Adare Pharmaceuticals taking the time to make sure every medication is high quality, there’s no margin for error.  Without quality control, companies risk making people sick because of faulty products and causing companies to lose massive customer amounts.  Protecting the company they work for and the general public at the same time is an intense job that shouldn’t get overlooked!

Nitpicking is Necessary

Without an eye for detail, most people won’t be considered for this position.  Training can take professionals only so far, but after that, they have to spot inconsistencies on their own through skill and practice.  Every company has its strict guidelines for these managers’ expectations, significantly since any slight mistake could cost human lives.

Industry Specific

For some positions, like overseeing a video game brand’s quality control, it can be a lot of fun!  On the other end of it, for cosmetic and medical companies, the meticulous details to check for are too much for some people to fathom.  Although working as a quality control manager is an excellent piece for your resume, it doesn’t transfer well between jobs unless you’re working for a similar company.

Always Changing

Quality demands, and our understanding of how specific products and materials react with us and our environments, are always changing.  This doesn’t mean that quality control managers have to roll out a new set of rules every day, but they have to be demanding when standards change.  Rising to the market’s challenge, the company’s rivals and the customers’ demands means that these managers have to keep sharp minds and a shrewd sense of purpose.  Without them, our world would be a far less safe and affordable place to live.

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