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Man Accidentally Swallows Dentures While Eating Pancakes

Man Accidentally Swallows Dentures While Eating Pancakes

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Oral health care’s value can be greatly underrated. Our mouths are used for eating, communication, and also can be a reflection of how healthy our bodies are functioning. When we neglect our oral health, we end up losing our teeth, which can have numerous consequences on our everyday lives. If we lose our teeth, it becomes difficult to talk, eat, and hold our facial structure together. If you lose multiple teeth, you may need to supplement them with caps or dentures, which can be expensive. 

Man Accidentally Swallows Dentures While Eating Pancakes

Great oral hygiene begins with a proper diet. Eating foods with high acidic or sugar content creates tooth decay, which eventually results in tooth loss. Healthy foods like leafy greens, apples, and cheese are beneficial. Drinking water, along with practicing proper oral hygiene can help eliminate tooth decay, which will lower the chances of losing your teeth. For existing plaque and bacteria, it is important to brush and floss teeth at least twice per day. Removing plaque will also prevent gum disease, another underlying cause for tooth loss. 

In addition to commercial toothpaste, you can make remineralizing natural toothpastes and mouthwashes. Coconut oil and turmeric toothpaste are great for detoxing the mouth, whitening teeth and eliminating bacteria. Despite the method you use, consistency is key. The inability to consistently practice proper hygiene will require false teeth, which can be both painful and dangerous. For instance, if your false teeth experience normal wear and tear, they can come apart and be swallowed. This was definitely true for Mr. Shang.

Mr. Shang was hospitalized after swallowing his false teeth while eating pancakes. He immediately realized while eating at a restaurant he could not feel his dental plate because he accidentally ate them. After getting hospital scans, Shang’s assertion was correct. In fact, he swallowed three of his teeth, causing abrasions to his digestive tract. 

The hospital’s main gastroenterologist was struggling to figure out a way to remove the teeth without causing further damage. After a two-hour procedure, the teeth were removed from his stomach, which was difficult because the esophagus and stomach were already damaged when the teeth were swallowed. Shang is anticipated to make a full recovery since his operation.

Practicing proper hygiene is important for healthy teeth and avoiding dentures. In addition to brushing, flossing, and eating healthy foods, certain behaviors should be avoided, including grinding your teeth, chewing ice, smoking, and opening things (cans, bottles, etc.) with your teeth. It is also important to wear mouth guards if you play sports to avoid accidents that can lead to tooth loss. Following these steps will ensure a healthy mouth and avoid getting false teeth. Be sure to also regularly visit your dentist.

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