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CBD-Rich Cannabis Can Treat ‘Multiple Symptoms’ of Autism

CBD-Rich Cannabis Can Treat 'Multiple Symptoms' of Autism

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Natural treatments, especially those involving CBD oils and its variants are on the rise. In addition to the many ailments and health problems, it aids in treating, CBD rich cannabis is also being used in the treatment of Autism. For many years, cannabis has been used anecdotally as a “cure”, but now studies are starting to back up those claims. 

CBD-Rich Cannabis Can Treat 'Multiple Symptoms' of Autism

How CBD Rich Cannabis Helps Treat Symptoms

While CBD oil has largely only been approved by the US government to treat epilepsy, it’s thought to be able to treat some of the issues that those on the spectrum suffer from. The theory behind it is the conditions that lead to seizures are thought to be related to the conditions that lead to non-epileptic autism. CBD oil acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps the brain function better. 

In a recent study, 18 patients were studied for a 9-month period. Each of these patients received CBD rich cannabis Sativa extract also with a THC ratio of 75 to 1. During the study, 3 patients stopped the treatment due to adverse effects but out of the 15 patients left, 14 patients showed improvements in their negative symptoms. 

The 9 patients that didn’t suffer from both epilepsy and autism, showed improvement up to 30% in the monitored categories, while the other 4 showed vast improvements in social interactions, the ability to stay focused, and sleep. Of the 15 that remained in the study, 10 were on pharmaceuticals and of the 10, 9 of them were still showing signs of improvement even when reducing the medication or stopping it completely while using cannabis medicines. 

In another study, researchers found that cannabis oil that has at least 30% CBD showed significant improvements in several areas. 89% showed a significant decrease in restlessness and rage incidences. 20% has sleep issues completely resolve. Lastly, symptoms like agitation, anxiety, depression, tics, and seizures decreased over 80% and self-assessed quality of life doubled in just 6 months of treatment. Furthermore, 25% of those that were on antipsychotics stopped their dosage altogether or decreased it due to the CDB treatment having positive effects.

CBD Methods

CBD can be taken in many different forms. These range from sprays, edibles like gummies, tablets, capsules, vaping, lotions, and even sublingual. Each method offers a delivery time frame in which it takes for it to work and can be used for different ailments. While sublingual and vaping are the best ways to get instant results, vaping can come with some negative consequences. Therefore, more research on the delivery method is needed for safe consumption.

There are more and more studies coming out with positive results in the treatment for CBD being a treatment. However, it still has a long way to go to be accepted as a proper alternative treatment or as a standard. Dosages and methods of use are still being researched to ensure the best way to treat all ailments are safe and provide relief.

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