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Wanna Improve Digestion?- Easy! Here’s How…

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Wanna Improve Digestion- Easy! Here’s How

Wanna Improve Digestion?- Easy! Here’s How…

Many people have health problems regarding their digestive tracts. It can be hard to keep the digestive system balanced and working properly without focusing on everything you eat. However, it may be simple to improve digestion. The key to this may lie in keeping stomach acids balanced.

Creating the appropriate acid balance in the digestive system is so important if you want to improve digestion. When an acid imbalance goes on for a long time, it may result in unhealthy absorption of nutrients from food and improper digestion. Stomach acid not only breaks down and absorbs nutrients, but it also creates a barrier to invading foreign organisms. It is important to not let poor digestion come in the way of proper health if you are doing everything else correctly.

Symptoms of Poor Digestion

Gas and bloating after eating
Bad breath
Strong smelling sweat
Upset stomach
Brittle nails
Stomach pain
Undigested food in fecal matter

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Cause of Poor Digestion

Having low stomach acid can result in malnutrition. An estimated 90% of people living in the United States produce too little stomach acid. This can be caused by several things, including slow metabolism, stress, food allergies, poor diet, excess alcohol intake, nutrient deficiencies, and inadequate protein intake to name a few. Having low acid in the stomach weakens its defense against pathogens, and starts digestion off with a wrong pH, leading to incomplete digestion.

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How to Improve Digestion

Low stomach acid will eventually lead to negative symptoms, while strong stomach acid works very well to improve digestion. A common solution to improve digestion is to take a supplement. It is easy to take a pill to try to solve any health issues that you are experiencing. However, this will not solve the problem long-term. It is better to get to the base of the problem to find a permanent fix.

For example, a very common supplement to take to increase stomach acid is hydrochloric acid. However, when you take HCL to increase stomach acid, it really just hides the underlying cause of the problem, which leads to further health concerns. Taking a supplement like this is only finding a way to adapt your digestive system with the use of a supplement. It is also possible to use these supplements improperly, which can lead to even further health complications.

However, there are two natural ways to increase your digestion that come along with no risk. Depending on how poorly your digestive system is functioning, you may only need to take natural precautions when eating food that is especially difficult to digest. If your digestion is strong already, these tips may still help during periods of stress, since stress is very harmful to digestion.

1. Do not drink a lot of liquids with meals.

If you are already under-producing stomach acid and then adding a lot of liquid to your meal, you are then diluting your existing stomach acid. Because the production of stomach acid peaks 90 minutes after a meal, it’s best to drink in between meals instead of during them.

2. Drink apple cider vinegar.

This is an inexpensive and simple way to improve stomach acid. Add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 1/4 cup of water or juice and consume it with each meal. This will help to naturally alter the pH of the digestive system, which will help move everything along properly.

Rather than taking supplements that may not work with your body to improve digestion, it is better to find natural ways to help your body out. Don’t go against your body’s natural tendencies for digestion, but give it a natural boost.

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