A South Dakota Woman Went To The Hospital For Kidney Stones And Gave Birth To Triplets

Mama Giltz has a good friend who went to social media to raise funds to help the growing family. A Facebook fundraiser was recently held online to help the Giltz family raise a goal of $500.

The friend, Isabella Kimberly Marie Moelter, reports that a total of $1,899 was raised. The Giltz family is ecstatic, and the money will be put to great use.

Mr. and Mrs. Giltz are right. The odds of conceiving triplets naturally is almost impossible. The splitting of a fertilized egg happens at random. The statistics tell the story.

For instance, conceiving triplets naturally occurs once in every 9,000 births.

For those couples who seek fertility assistance, the numbers are 1 in every 40.

Surely, having triplets naturally does happen but not often. Dannette Giltz is one of very few who gave birth to triplets. She was having a high-risk pregnancy but didn’t even know. 

Obstetricians agree that carrying triplets is not easy for any mom-to-be. There is strain on the back and pelvic pain. There is an increase in swelling, a chance for complications and a chance of developing diabetes. 

The Giltz family is doing well and happy they are all thriving. The so-called kidney stones attack turned out to be a wonderful gift from above. Blaze, Gypsy, and Nikki are triple blessings.