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Can You Make Love With a Tampon In?


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Lovemaking with a tampon in is not a no-strings-attached proposition. It really isn’t always easy to coordinate your love life with your period. Lovemaking during your period is fine.  

Indeed, some women discover that their menstrual blood is a good natural lube. They’re also more aroused during their period too. Sometimes things get all hot and heavy when you’re still on your menses.  

Can you make love with a tampon in?

Still, If you don’t remove it, it could be shoved high up into the vaginal canal. It can not only be uncomfortable. It can also cause lead to the following issues:

Difficult retrieval: If love-making has pushed your plug too high into your vaginal canal, it can only go so far but you might find it tough to remove once it’s up there.

Uncomfortable coitus: Your Tampax and an adult toy or male member can not occupy the exact same place simultaneously. If the hygiene product prevents a partner’s full penetration, coitus may not be enjoyable and may even be uncomfortable. 

No cervical stimulation: During digital or coital penetration, cervical stimulation generally leads to increased pleasure and sometimes actual orgasm. If anything is in the way, your lover may not be able to stimulate the cervix.

Unpalatable odor: If you forgot about your hygiene product, The first reminder you forgot your tampon may be a foul odor coming from your vagina. Tampons start to stink after a few days.  

Discomfort and pain: During coitus, tampons can be pushed against a woman’s cervix. It can cause discomfort and even pain since some women’s uteruses and cervixes are significantly more sensitive during their menses. A foreign object pressing against those organs could be an issue.  

Bruising and lacerations: Tampons that press against the uterus or cervix can even cause cuts and bruises. This is especially a probability if the hygiene product is firm or new. Tampons that are soaked are a bit more flexible and therefore less likely to hurt the sensitive tissue.

Vaginal infection: Lost tampons raise your odds of bacterial infections.

Toxic shock syndrome: This is a life-threatening and fortunately rare infection that occurs when tampons remain in the body too long. Manufacturers of tampons have altered the product to lessen the risk but it still remains.   


What to do if it’s pushed too far
During coitus, tampons can be pushed high up into a woman’s vaginal canal. At that point, the woman might find it impossible to retrieve is because she might not be able to reach the string. She may have even forgotten it was there in the heat of the moment.

Here’s how to remove it by yourself:

Wash your hands well with soap and water

Lie on your back

Probe your love canal for the hygiene product’s string using two fingers

If that position doesn’t work, change your search position  

Try standing with one on the toilet seat or squat

Unable to remove or even locate the tampon? Speak to your friendly physician. Get an appointment ASAP.

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