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It’s Normal For Your Vagina To Change As You Get Older—But These 5 Things Can Age It Faster

It’s Normal For Your Vagina To Change As You Get Older—But These 5 Things Can Age It Faster

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Are you ready to confront the naked reality about vagina change? Some small life decisions that you previously thought had no tangible effects could be forcing your vagina to age faster than it should. Before we dig deep into detail, let’s clear the air and define the “aging” term. Here, aging describes the loss of elasticity and muscle tone of the vagina. It is a normal process, but some factors trigger its acceleration. Read on to educate yourself. 

It’s Normal For Your Vagina To Change As You Get Older—But These 5 Things Can Age It Faster

Inadequate exercise
Lack of exercise weakens the muscles even in other body regions. The muscles tend to slump when workouts become foreign. Certain exercises such as pelvic tilt exercises and Kegels should help strengthen the pelvic muscles and keep your vagina in healthy shape. 

Persevering the “dry spell”
The dry spell period refers to a prolonged state without sex. According to experts, it contributes to vagina change by reducing overall muscle tone and lubrication production. If you are going through a dry spell, don’t worry as you can take things into your own hands. Consider giving yourself orgasms through masturbation or the use of toys. You might also reconsider cutting the dry spells to short periods to keep your pelvic muscles lubricated and healthy. 

We’re guessing you all saw this particular piece coming. While bringing a baby into this earth could be one of the most satisfying things in life, it does rule out the contribution to “aging.” Delivering a baby naturally causes loss of vaginal elasticity from tears and overstretching the muscles. It’s a rough reality that affects women past childbirth. Nonetheless, all isn’t lost, and new moms can regain vaginal tightness through home remedies such as squats, Kegels, planks, and yoga. 

Use of over-the-counter hygiene products
Little known to the majority of women, the vagina cleans itself naturally. Some women take up creams, lotions, douches, soaps, and sprays in an attempt to wash and groom the vagina. These products could be quite abrasive to the interior lining of the vagina, which triggers vaginal change. The thinning of the lining prematurely could trigger bad odor, pain, and itchiness among other discomforts. Avoid products that promise to clean the vagina with an aim to keep the organ healthy. Take a bath at least daily with clean water, wear dried inner wears, and wipe yourself dry after every shower. 


Taking certain medications
We aren’t just talking about hard prescription drugs. It is believed that even the rather harmless over-the-counter medicines can have an adverse impact on the vagina. Over time, it could lead to dryness and loss of tightness. You could always switch to healthy alternatives to relieve pain and other symptoms. For instance, massages, acupuncture, chiropractic care, heat and cold therapy, exercises, healthy diets, and drinking a lot of water; all help with alleviating pain. 

There you have it. Now that you know what factors speed up vagina change, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. It’s never too late to take up challenges and make a few lifestyle changes. 

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