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A Powerful Cancer-Fighting Treatment The Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t Want You To Know About

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A Powerful Cancer-Fighting Treatment The Pharmaceutical Companies Don't Want You To Know About

A Powerful Cancer-Fighting Treatment The Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t Want You To Know About

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Last year, 1,658,370 people in the United States were diagnosed with cancer. Of these, nearly 300,000 were cancers of the digestive system. Over 200,000 cases of lung cancer were reported, and over 200,000 cases of breast cancer were diagnosed. Uterine cancer made up nearly 55,000 cases. Over 200,000 people learned that they had prostate cancer, and over 22,000 people learned that they had brain cancer.


The medical industry is booming as cancer patients and their loved ones seek a cure. Many people are looking for natural remedies. There is a simple drink using Aloe and honey that you can make at home to fight or prevent many types of cancers, including cancers of the uterus, breast, prostate, and colon.

Aloe has been used medicinally since 1500 BC, and it is an anti-cancer substance rich in vitamins and minerals. In 1992, the United States Department of Agriculture approved Aloe as a treatment for animals suffering from cancer, including cats diagnosed with feline leukemia. In Europe, aloe is used by AIDs patients due to its positive effect on the human immune system. Like aloe, honey possesses cancer-fighting properties and has been proved to kill many types of cancer cells, including cancer cells of the liver, prostate, and lung. The bioflavonoids found in honey act as antioxidants. These two ingredients, when mixed with a small amount of alcohol, produce a powerful cancer-fighting treatment.

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This potential natural cure, known as Aloe Arborescens Cancer Protocol, has been used for several years.

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It is so well-known for its success rate that the treatment is offered in hospitals in Jerusalem and Portugal for patients who wish to combine it with chemotherapy. It is proved to boost the immune system and safely kill cancer cells, even in cases that had been deemed terminal.

To make the mixture, you’ll need 350 grams of Aloe arborescent leaves. This is usually around three leaves. You may use Aloe vera, but note that it is not as potent. Remove the spines from the leaves and cut the Aloe into pieces. You will also need 1.1 pounds of pure honey. You will also require six to eight teaspoons of alcohol. This is because alcohol dilates the blood vessels and allows the medicine to cleanse your system more efficiently. Once you have your ingredients prepared, mix them together in a blender.

Once the mixture is ready, shake it well. Take one tablespoon three times a day on an empty stomach. This daily dose is to be taken for ten days. After ten days of taking the daily dose, you must wait another ten days before taking the treatment again. This is because aloe is mildly toxic. Repeat this process until the cancer is in remission. Some people may choose to take this medicine at a lesser frequency in order to prevent cancer cells from forming. Store your mixture in a cool, dark place.

As with any treatment, you should check with your doctor before beginning this regimen, and please note that it is not intended to take the place of chemotherapy or radiation. However, when combined with modern medical techniques, this protocol has been proven an effective cancer-fighting tool.


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