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15 Foods You Should Absolutely Stop Ordering, According to Fast-Food Workers

15 Foods You Should Absolutely Stop Ordering, According to Fast-Food Workers

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 This generation has a love/hate relationship with fast food. On one hand, it is convenient and inexpensive, and available everywhere, so you can pick up a burger or a taco anytime. On the other hand, it is filled with carbs and preservatives, so it’s not very nutritious for you and your family. So, what is a single person or a family with children supposed to do for lunch or a meal on the run?

Since drive through is definitely here to stay, there are some precautions you can take according to employees who work in the industry to feel better about your fast food meals. Try to select the items that appear to be the healthiest, but, as a customer, there are some things you just don’t know. 

Recently, a survey was conducted with fast-food workers. They revealed 15 foods/items that they thought customers should avoid at all costs, and the list is shocking! They had three reasons for the items they picked: they offer a low value, they are in unsanitary conditions or they just don’t like making the item, so they might not be made well. 

Here’s the list: 

1. Drinks with ice

ice machines do not get a deep cleansing. They merely get a superficial cleaning at night. 

2. Fountain soda

Nobody ever cleans these machines because it’s so labor intensive. Get a bottled drink. 

3. Iced cappuccino

another drink machine that never gets cleaned. 

4. Coffee

unless your coffee consumption is in the morning because the rest of the day it is left sitting for hours. 

5. Decaf coffee

is equally as bad, maybe even deceptively so. Workers say that they may not actually have decaf, so they simply add water to the regular. 

6. Bread twists

save three dollars by ordering the Parmesan Bread Bites instead; both use the same amount of dough. 

7. Spaghetti

it is the worst value of any pasta. It’s bought in bulk, so there’s oil and too much salt added. 

8. Nachos

Why order these? They are the same price as a burger or pasta and the order is just a plate of chips with cheese sauce that comes a “super gross paint can.” 

9. Shrimp entrées

is not a meal. One order is six or seven small shrimps as per policy. 

10. Sweet tea or any tea made in the metal containers

These containers are so big, if something falls inside, workers will just reach in and get it. yech! 

11. White mocha anything

commercial white mocha is nothing you’d want to eat. All the ingredients are unnatural, so it’s “absurdly unhealthy.” 

12. Tuna Salad

isn’t even refrigerated, so who knows what’s in it? It comes in bulk, one part tuna to two parts mayo and is shaped in an odd pink rectangle. 

13. Rolled chicken tacos

employees say they are flavorless; it’s only the sauce that has any flavor. 

14. Personal pan pizzas

are way overpriced. A medium pizza is about the same price. 

15. Lettuce wraps

– it’s sooo annoying to make! 

So, when picking up fast food, consider this list; it was made by those who work there. This is not to say that the list is complete, but here are 15 good tips to live by!

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