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How Nipple Reconstruction can Help Women Recover after Mastectomy

How Nipple Reconstruction Can Help Women Recover After Mastectomy

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A mastectomy has a major emotional impact on any woman who must go through this surgery. If you have faced a mastectomy or you are about to endure it, you understand what kind of impact it is going to have on you, putting you through an emotional wringer. You will need to accept that your body is going to change as you lose a piece of yourself. As you face a future without your natural breasts, a nipple reconstruction can help you to feel like you are taking back your body.

How Nipple Reconstruction Can Help Women Recover After Mastectomy

Recreating Your Bust After a Mastectomy

Once you have had your breasts removed, you need to take charge of your body. The disease, or threat of cancer, is no longer in control of what will happen next. You are. You can wear prosthetic breasts, you can leave your body alone, or you can have your breasts reconstructed. Prosthetic breasts are cumbersome and uncomfortable, not to mention they are temporary.

Taking them off at the end of the day only to face a flat chest over and over again is traumatic. Doing nothing at all means feeling extremely self-conscious about your body. Losing your bust can make you feel like you are no longer feminine. You can give your bust a comeback with breast reconstruction, whether you go with implants, flap reconstruction that uses your own tissue or fat, or a combination of any approaches. The next step is figuring out if nipple reconstruction is right for you.

Reconstructing Your Nipples Makes Your Breasts Look and Feel Authentic

You can have your breasts reconstructed without recreating nipples. However, smooth, unnatural mounds might not be enough for you. Studies have shown that nipple reconstruction can make a world of difference on an emotional level. If you reconstruct your nipples, your doctor may use a tissue graft from your leg or another part of your body to create nipples that look authentic. One of the most popular approaches uses skin from your breasts, making the recovery process much easier on you. A skin graft taken from your leg or other parts of your body means a lengthy and painful healing process. The procedure should only take about a half hour. Once you have completely healed after your doctor has reconstructed your nipples, you can have your new nipples tattooed to look the same color as natural nipples.

What if Reconstruction Doesn’t Work for You?

You may say no to any more surgeries after going through breast removal and breast reconstruction. You can’t stand the idea of going through a reconstruction of your nipples. You have other options to get a boost in confidence. Put yourself in the hands of a talented tattoo artist who specializes in recreating 3D nipples. They’ll look like the real deal even if you don’t have the bumps that come with real nipples. When you stand in front of the mirror or in front of your partner during intimate moments, you will feel good about your bust. Think about prosthetic nipples as another alternative. Simply stick them to your skin every day and remove them when you are ready to take them off. You need to find the right option for you.

You were prepared for the physical recovery process. You never expected your emotional recovery to be the hardest part of your journey back to who you used to be before you lost your breasts. You can set yourself on the path to complete healing by considering reconstruction of your breasts and nipples. You can’t take back your own breasts, but you can recreate a beautiful bust that feels authentic.

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