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5 Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

5 Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

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Men of all ages can suffer from erectile dysfunction, though the condition tends to be more prevalent in older men. Do you think you suffer from erectile dysfunction? Have you already started searching online for Viagra coupons and looking for other treatment options?

Before you convince yourself that you do in fact have erectile dysfunction, it’s helpful to know common symptoms. Here are 5 telltale signs that you suffer from erection issues.

5 Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

1. Trouble Getting an Erection

One of the telltale signs of erectile dysfunction is difficulty getting an erection. Have you ever tried to have sex, only to bet letdown by a poor erection? With erectile dysfunction, it’s important to remember that the condition is only diagnosed if symptoms persist for more than three months. Rarely do men have 100% success in getting an erection. There are all sorts of factors that come into play in regards to sexual function. For example, if you’ve had a few drinks, you may find it hard to get an erection. This is because alcohol is a depressant and slows blood flow throughout the body. Erections can also be impacted by medications, illicit drugs, and even your diet.

Psychological factors such as stress, depression, anxiety, and unhappiness in your relationship can also impact the quality of your erections. If you’ve dealt with troubles getting an erection for months on end, you’ll want to discuss your symptoms with a doctor.

2. Difficulty Maintaining an Erection

Many men falsely believe that if they can get an erection, they don’t have erectile dysfunction, but what most don’t realize is that erectile dysfunction is marked by the inability to get an erection as well as the ability to maintain one. If your penis gets hard but doesn’t remain in that state for more than a few minutes, you could suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Of course, it’s important to take other factors, as mentioned above, into consideration. If you had one bad night, don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that you’re suffering from sexual dysfunction. Instead, keep a close eye on your erections. You only need to worry when the inability to maintain an erection becomes a common and persistent problem.

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3. Low Testosterone

Testosterone is one of the biggest fuels for a man’s sex drive and bedroom performance. If you suffer from low testosterone, you’re more likely to have:

• Low libido
• Unsatisfying sex
• Erectile dysfunction

Men who suffer from low testosterone are likely to experience increased body fat, loss of muscle mass, sleep disturbances, and changes in emotional stability. It’s important to note that symptoms of low testosterone are different for everyone. Some men experience low libido while others experience no change to their sex drive or emotions.

Low testosterone is definitively diagnosed through the use of a blood test. If you believe you’re suffering from low T, be sure to consult with a doctor. In the event that low testosterone is causing erectile dysfunction, your doctor may recommend testosterone replacement therapy to increase your levels.

4. Anxiety

For men, there’s nothing more embarrassing and ego-damaging than the inability to perform sexually. While some men assume that erectile dysfunction is an entirely physical issue, there are psychological factors that also play a role. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are more likely to have anxiety, high levels of stress, and even depression.

Do you find that you get anxious and worried anytime the opportunity for sex arises? Is it hard to get out of your own head when trying to get an erection? Mental and emotional factors can exacerbate sexual issues, especially erectile dysfunction.

5. Loss of Interest in Sex

Do you have a strong libido but have found that the embarrassment and frustration of not being able to get or maintain an erection have impacted your interest in intimacy? Many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction don’t suffer from a lack of interest because of hormonal issues, instead, there’s a loss of interest in sex because of his inability to perform as expected.

When your condition starts to impact your sex life with your partner, it’s a good time to talk to a doctor. Today there are all sorts of treatment options available for men of all ages suffering from erectile dysfunction. Be sure to discuss treatment options with your doctor, including Viagra, penile injection, suppositories, and even the use of pumps to help you get and maintain an erection.

Though embarrassing, erectile dysfunction can be treated. Don’t let this health issue stop you from being confident in yourself and your sexual performance.


Knowing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction can help you better understand and live with the condition. If you suffer from any of the symptoms above, be sure to schedule an appointment with your doctor so that you can be properly diagnosed and treated.

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