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The 4 Stages of Life According to Carl Jung! What’s Your Archetype?

The 4 Stages of Life According to Carl Jung! What's Your Archetype

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Have you ever thought human beings also pass through different stages in their lives? (Archetype) Maybe you have felt like once you had a single priority to experience these stages or you heard from your friends. Sometimes you have thought you wanted to be one thing in the last couple of years and now you want to be another.

The 4 Stages of Life According to Carl Jung! What's Your Archetype

In reality, all people go through the same stages in life. This was discovered by Wayne Dyer, who discusses the four stages of life that you must go through. Likewise, Carl G. Jung who is a Swiss psychologist also stated these four stages. He suggested that there are four archetypes that every person must pass through in life. Thus, this article provides you with a list of the four stages you might go through. They include:

The athlete stage

During this period you become busy caring how you look and how does your body look. You are likely to spend more hours in front of the mirror cherishing your appearance. Thus, the most meaningful thing to you at this stage is how you look.

The warrior stage

When you are at this stage, your basic concern is to get up and win the world. You want to be the best, do your best and achieve the best for you. Sometimes you want to act like warriors and do what they do achieve their goals and dreams. During this stage, you only thought how to achieve more than anyone else. Mostly, you like to compare yourself to other people in order to beat them all, so as you feel better about yourself. Since you have succeeded more you’re likely to become a brave warrior.

The statement stage

In this period you start realizing that your achievements are not enough and you become unhappy. Because you started thinking you are not complete; you begin to look for alternative ways to make a difference in the world on how to become useful. The remaining thought now is how to give. Furthermore, everything that you have possessed pursued, power, and money will not have the same value as they were before. You feel not attached to these things anymore because you now understand there is something more in life.

Even though, you still receive these items where you will accept them and become thankful. However, you are ready to give them up to others. You began trying to find ways not to be selfish and how to assist other persons. The thing now which is on your mind is how to give. Having learned that when one gives, one receives back; so you decide to stop being egotistic, selfish, and self-centered. Thus, you try to make your life looks better by helping others indeed.

The stage of the spirit

According to Jung, the Swiss psychologist this is the last stage in your life. At this stage, you now realize and become aware that none of the above stages defines who you are as a person. You understand now that you are more than your body appearance, belongings, friends, and nation and so on. Lastly, you realize that you are beautiful and you have a human experience with the spiritual being; and you are not human who has a spiritual experience.

You also learn that this world is not your home and you are not whom you thought you are. During this stage, you are capable of seeing yourself from a different point of view. Finally, you become ready to get out of your mind and body. You start now understand who you are and seething as there are in true colors. At this stage, you start observing your own life and realize that you are not what you see, but you are the ones who see that.

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Many years ago, Lao Tzu who was from China tried to elaborate and teach more on how to achieve the fourth stage. He expounded that the greatest virtue of humans is to be able to have without possessing, to give birth and nourishment, to do without expecting, and to lead without trying to control.

Besides these 4 stages, there are other different categories of archetypes:

Making your dreams come true (magician)
Searching for the truth (sage)
Desire for happiness (innocent)
Wanting a revolution (outlaw)
Living in the present time (jester)
You want to make someone yours (lover)
You want to be free (explorer)
You want total power (ruler)
You want to be a nurturer (caregiver)
You want to prove yourself (hero)
You want to belong (regular woman/man)
You crave for perfection (creator)


You are now comfortably realized where you belong based on these stages. Thus, you will be able to understand others by considering where they belong regarding with these four stages.

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