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What Does the Length of Your Pinky Finger Says about Your Personality?

What Does the Length of Your Pinky Finger Says about Your Personality.

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There is a lot of literature that talks about palmistry, although this art is as well complicated and it needs adequate time. However, this article offers you with relevant information about the length of your pinky finger. You may wonder why little finger is chosen, but every finger is connected to a planet, and it has a different type of energy.

What Does the Length of Your Pinky Finger Says about Your Personality.

Your palm is perceived as a map of your past, present, and future. It also portrays your positive and negative sides of you.  Thus, your little finger is known as Pinky and is connected with Mercury-Hermes; which is the planet of finances, communication, and traveling. The way you express yourself is revealed by the length and the shape of your little finger. This can be explained through:

Lower height

If your tip of a pinky finger is much lower than the top joint of the ring finger, this means you are likely overwhelmed by your emotions. It also means there are times you wish to have reacted properly.  As times pass by you will find ways to show your actual reality. In some cases, only a few people will understand how much you can give.

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However, as you get older you become more sociable, and you find ways to overturn your shyness when socializing with other people. People may recommend you to write a novel since you have a lot of thought and feelings to be described with you.

Equal height

If the tip of your finger is the same height with that of your ring finger, it is assumed you can balance between your introvert and extrovert qualities. This does not mean you don’t get annoyed or angry, but you can positively handle your feels. That is, you are able to hold and control the fire that is burning in you.

Besides this, you are able to appreciate honesty, and you are capable of demanding from other people around you. You are also capable of noticing something abnormal, and someone is keeping against you. If this happens, you should react impulsively, but always take your time to solve your problems when the right time comes. This will helps you to maintain the balance and also an expression of your warm heart.

Higher height

If your tip of the pinky finger is higher than the top joint of your ring finger, then it is assumed that you are a sociable and extrovert person. Sometimes you do not want to be around with the people, but you are capable of attracting people. Ever since you are kid, you find yourself attracting other kids play and associate with you.  This means that you can be a great leader. However, you need to make the balance between your needs and feelings of other persons. Thus, you are not supposed to ignore other people’s feelings; you should accept their advice and opinions because you portray the trait of a great leader.

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