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No More Dental Implants, Grow Teeth by Yourself in Only 9 Weeks

No More Dental Implants, Grow Teeth by Yourself in Only 9 Weeks.

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Dr. Jeremy Mao, the head of a team from a University in Colombia has come up with a very weird ultramodern discovery where you can grow teeth in just 9 weeks. Using stem cells, Mao believes there is are methods to build a particular “scaffold” that can help your teeth grow.

No More Dental Implants, Grow Teeth by Yourself in Only 9 Weeks.

With this place or template, your new tooth can thrive. Mao believes that their new discovery may spell out an end to dental surgery.

Mode of Action

In reference to Dr. Mao, the rapid regeneration of occurs when the stem cells along with the tooth begin to fuse with the tissues around where you want your teeth to develop. These stem cells replace the missing tooth and enhance the development of a new tooth.

Whereas it is simple to visit your dentist and have the missing tooth replaced, this new discovery can be a natural solution as your teeth come from stem cells. This technique is commonly used in treating broken bones and other problems that occur genetically.

Additionally, dentists should exactly know and organize the procedures a particular patient requires. This method takes only 9 weeks to bring the desired results. This is unlike the typical tooth extraction or replacement that usually takes more than 10 months to recover. The advantage with this method is that it takes a short time and doesn’t involve foreign materials in tooth replacement.

It can be difficult at times for the body to adapt to foreign materials when they are introduced. Thus, this technique is ideal and perfect for any person who wants to give it a trail.

Concerns With Dental Implants

Currently, dental implants happen to be the standard when it comes to replacing a missing tooth. All the dental surgeries come with some risk, although implants are the better option if you happen to lose a tooth.  Though most studies report a 95% success rate with dental implants, you should consult to find out the experience of a dentist before a tooth replacement. It is good to be aware that some implants may fail depending on a number of reasons. Side effects can occur, such as nerve damage although they may not be very serious. However, some complications can be fatal.

Not Yet Ripe

Nevertheless, the publication of this new finding has not yet been done because it is still in the trial stages. In case this new technique becomes approved, it will drive the dental care to a greater height.

Too Good To Be True

Who doesn’t like saving money and time? This new discovery seems too good to be real because it will not only save you time and cash, but also you will get better results.

This is not the only crazy discoveries that have been around in the recent times. It is one of the great ways that can help us advance technologically and improve our lives. It is our expectation that this technology will soon be available to the public.

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