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 5 Common Sports Injuries

 5 Common Sports Injuries

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 5 Common Sports Injuries

Playing sport is essential as it provides many health benefits. However, sometimes, you may face an injury while playing your favorite sport. While some of these injuries are common, some can be very severe with career-threatening risks.

The causes of sports injuries vary. They can occur due to accidents, improper use of the technique, damaged equipment etc. An injury can also happen if your muscles are stressed and you start playing without stretching your muscles a bit.

Let’s have a look at five of the most common sports injuries.


Sports like football, cricket, wrestling etc., require the participants to use their feet throughout the game. This excessive use of feet can cause sprains and strains in the ankle.

Sprains are referred to as injuries to ligaments. When you use your feet past their capacity, it can exert too much stress on the ligaments and cause them to tear, as a result of which your muscles or tendons connected to the bones are injured. Sprains can occur in wrists, ankles and knees and are very painful.


Knee Injury

More than five million people are said to visit orthopedic surgeons due to knee injuries. Your knee acts a pivot to your leg and gives it movement. However, using it repeatedly can cause an ACL tear and injure your knee. Knee injuries include:

  • Runner’s Knee: This type of knee injury produces pain in the front part of the knee called the kneecap. Also called patellofemoral pain syndrome, this type of injury can make you sit on a bench for months or even years.
  • Iliotibial Band Syndrome: This knee injury occurs when your iliotibial band rubs off against the front part of the kneecap. When this happens, the iliotibial band gets inflamed and causes severe pain.

Shin Splints

A person suffering from a shin splint will face severe pain at the front side of the lower leg. Mostly, these injuries happen to everyday runners, especially those who go overboard when it comes to running because it produces an extra amount of stress on the shin bone tissues and causes them to tear. The icing on the aching area and covering the ankle with taping can help reduce the pain. In case of severe pain, consult an orthopedic doctor.


Some sports are aggressive such as rugby, wrestling or football. You never know when you might fall to the ground and break a bone. These are more severe injuries compared to others because they might need a surgery to heal the broken the bone. A person who has even the smallest of cracks in the bones should take enough rest and let the bone to heal completely.


Too much stress, push and pull of a bone can cause it to dislocate. The most common types of dislocations occur in shoulders, knees, hands, nose etc. In the case of a dislocation, emergency treatment should be considered as the first priority to avoid further or permanent damage.

You can consult a chiropractor in Round Rock for treatment in case you have such issues.

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