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Is It Normal to Have Small Bumps on Your Nipples?

Is It Normal to Have Small Bumps on Your Nipples.

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Many of you wonder whether it is normal to have small bumps on your nipples despite being painless. The bumps are fatty due to the presence of sebaceous gland found deep in the skin. People do wear different bras, depending on the shape and size of the breast. The nipple size varies depending on;

Is It Normal to Have Small Bumps on Your Nipples.

1. Environment –during cold nipple do enlarge.
2. Stimulation
3. Pregnancy
4. Breastfeeding

They are highly surrounded by glands which secrets oil. These glands are beneath the skin and aid in;

1.Production of oil, which lubricates the nipple during pregnancy and lactation.
2. Inhibition of growth of bacteria – consist of antibacterial properties
3. Secretion from bumps aids in the detection of the breast by the infants during feeding.

Bumps Size

Nipple bumps can be large or small in size. Women with small size nipple probably prefer large nipples. The reasons behind are:

• Large nipples are attractive as compared to small ones.
• The cleavage is well protruded.

All in all, some people with big bumps are not comfortable with it due to different comments from friends or relatives being termed as gigantic.

Reason for small bump

• Lack of fluid

This signifies that the baby is not growing at a normal rate. It normally occurs in people with diabetes and identical twins and might also occur in people with congenital abnormalities. The position of the fetus may also be affected.

• High blood pressure

Blood vessels in the placenta reduce in size and the baby receives less oxygen, thus the growth of brain and heart grow in large size since oxygen is directed to these parts.

• Smoking

Tobacco use during pregnancy usually results in low birth weight. The baby is smaller than normal and complication after birth may occur. These issues are easily avoided since breastfeeding or pregnant mothers are discouraged to smoke due to the health of the baby.

Size Make Up

Bumps size is as a result of genetic makeup. The nipples may be light, dark, big, small pointing in or out or appearing flat. After pregnancy, the bumps may shrink or become bigger depending with an individual. Dr. Susan points out that the stretches of bumps during pregnancy or breastfeeding is as a result of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Maintenance of Bump Size

1. Consumption of food with vitamin E
2. Application of cocoa butter lotion on the skin
3. Application of RX tropical retina like retina A stimulates the growth of collagen.


You should not be worried if small bumps appear around your nipples. Bump size is unique and there is no need of putting tape on the breast to ensure good and attractive cleavage. Small or big bumps have no big difference since the baby will breastfeed as normal. Defects may arise on the bump due to inflammation and clogging which should be checked out by the doctor. Ten to twenty percent of women have flat or inverted nipples. This is noticed mostly during breastfeeding, but it is normal. Bras with removable pads are recommended to equalize the size of the breast.

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