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7 Places You Can Get a Yeast Infection Other Than Your Vagina

7 Places You Can Get a Yeast Infection Other Than Your Vagina

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On hearing yeast infection, many women feel itchy down there. It is caused by fungus known as candida. It can also make other parts of your bony to burn and itch. Thankfully, Kathleen Green says that the infections of the yeast can be treated in any part of the body, with oral medical prescriptions or using cream that treats vaginal yeast infections.

The fungus is not the only cause, but if the yeast grows more than other ‘beneficial bacteria’ in the body, an infection can occur. Anything that adds moisture like having sex, sweating or sitting for quite some time in a bathing suit that is wet can create a good ground for yeast to multiply in the vagina.  The extra moisture in other damp parts of the body can create an environment of yeast to grow.

Here are some other parts of the body that can be affected by yeast.

7 Places You Can Get a Yeast Infection Other Than Your Vagina


Any part on the skin that receives constant moisture, yeast infection can occur.  However, immune compromised and diabetic patients are usually the ones who experience this. Since their bodies cannot combat the infection swiftly. In such a case doctors prescribe a stronger medication which has a lengthier course than the cream.

The infections can also grow beneath skin folds. Creams such as Monistat can help to eliminate the fungi when it is a small area of the skin. For infections that spread to larger places, the best solution is the prescription medication.


Just like athlete’s foot, there is another fungus infection known as trichophytonmentagroptyhes that can attack your feet. It is also known as Tinea Pedis. It causes redness, peeling, itching, burning, and sometimes sores and blisters. To blame is dumpy and sweaty shoes or socks. Therefore, it is advisable you have your feet dry and clean to stop yeast from thriving between your toes. Once infected, the best treatment is with over-the-counter antifungal cream.


This is a common yeast infection that is only found in babies who are bottle or breastfeeding. If the babies have not learned to swallow, the milk can remain on the tongue and this causes an infection. An oral antifungal medication prescription is given by doctors to eliminate the white patches and infections on the tongue.


Mothers who are breastfeeding are more vulnerable to yeast infections. The mouth of the baby can alter the balance of the pH and increase moisture that makes yeast to thrive. Extra sweat causes an infection under the breasts. To prevent the fungi from creating problems, ensure the area is clean and do not stay in a sweaty bra for long after a workout. The same way with other skin yeast infections, an antifungal cream can clear up the infection especially if concentrated in one area. In a case where the infection persists and spreads, it is time to talk to your doctor to see if you need an oral prescription.


There are types of oral medications used for treatment of other problems that can make yeast to thrive there. Thrush is a throat yeast infection and usually affects immunocompromised patients, either when having a chemotherapy or suffering from autoimmune disease. If this happens, see you doctor who might decide you take an oral solution to quickly treat the yeast infection.

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The yeast infection of the vagina can easily spread to the butt. This usually happens when women itch their vaginas and then itch the skin on the butts and between the cheeks. The infection can be transmitted by their hands. To eliminate the infection apply Monistat cream. If you are suffering from both anal and butt infection, it is recommendable to have three to seven-day treatment to destroy the yeast completely.


According to Green about 20% of penises are inhabited with yeast. While the yeast infection on the penis may not cause symptoms, at times burning and itching can happen as a result of it. The penis yeast infection like any other infection on the skin can occur as a result of extra moisture from the fluids of the body such as sweat. This forms a conducive ground for yeast to grow. The infrequent changing of underwear after working increases the risks of contracting the infection.


There are myths that yeast infections are incurable. According to a study that was conducted by Monistat, about 68% of respondents believed that the infections of yeast are permanent and cannot be cured. The truth of the matter is that yeast infections are treatable using various antifungal treatments either by applying or orally.  Most of the over-the-counter medications work very well .In rare cases when they don’t work talk to your doctor for medical prescriptions.

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