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Get Rid of Mice and Spiders Permanently Using This Simple Method

Get Rid of Mice and Spiders Permanently Using This Simple Method.

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All You Need Is One Tea Bag And You Will Never See A Mice Or Spiders In Your House Again!

Mice and spiders are nuisance in nearly every household that is not properly maintained hygienically. They can still be found even in households where sanitation is given a priority. Despite looking for professional help to deal with this problem, the majority of homeowners facing these problems end up being frustrated after spending a lot of cash and time.

Most people are now opting for alternative and inexpensive approaches to curb the menace. Fortunately, we have identified a very cheap method that is also very effective which can help you eradicate these pests completely from your house.

Get Rid of Mice and Spiders Permanently Using This Simple Method.

Credit to this technique which has been in use for centuries, it will be difficult to spot a mouse or a spider for quite some time.

Peppermint Tea Bags

If you are tired of trying expensive pesticides that pose risk to the health of your family, bags filled with peppermint tea should be next in line. Though this technique looks odd, it is among the most effective ways that has helped many across the globe.

Works Very Fast

Unlike most conventional methods that take a couple of weeks, the effects of peppermint tea bags can be observed in as little as 3 days. In addition, the effects can last for months if not years.

The Steps You Should Follow 

• Obtain some peppermint tea and brew it.

• Identify all the areas in your home where you have spotted spiders and mice and place the used peppermint tea bags there. It’s recommendable to place these bags in all corners of your house.

• Alternatively, you can use peppermint essential oil instead of tea bags. Simply fill a spray bottle with water and add about 15 drops of peppermint essential oil. Shake well to mix and spray around your home. Lemon oil and cinnamon can also be helpful in eliminating spiders.

Advantages of Peppermint 

• This technique is relatively cheap in comparison with professional approaches.

• Peppermint doesn’t pose any health problems to your family.

• The effects are fast and long-lasting.

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Need to Control Mice and Spiders

Mice are a menace in your house. When a few get in, they breed faster and become a major infestation within a short time. They can ruin electric cords, furniture, and carry other pests like fleas and ticks to your home.

On the other hand, spiders may seem harmless but some species are poisonous. Spiders become a problem particularly in summer when people prefer to sit in cooler places inside the house.

The Bottom Line

If you have tried other methods in dealing with mice and spiders without success, it’s time to switch to alternative techniques. Peppermint tea bag and essential oil can be helpful in making your house pest-free. Compound and house cleaning can also help to fight the spread of these and other pests in your home.

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