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5 Early Warning Signs Your Marriage May Be Doomed

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5 Early Warning Signs Your Marriage May Be Doomed

5 Early Warning Signs Your Marriage May Be Doomed

Although there are no guarantees when it comes to a relationship, there are definitely some warning signs that you can look for in order to determine whether yours will last.

5 Early Warning Signs Your Marriage May Be Doomed.

Here are some of the early warning signs that your marriage may be doomed:

– You have nothing in common

If you are unable to share an interest in any outside activities, then you will have much less to talk about during down times in your relationship. This may cause a marriage to drift apart very quickly with all of the added pressures that living under the same roof can create.

– Not Maintaining Your Separate Identities 

In the same way that there should be shared activities between partners, each partner should also have his or her separate activities. If this is not the case, one partner may latch onto the other in a way that is unhealthy. No one should have to give up his or her social circle in order to be in a relationship – if this is demanded by either partner, it can signal an imbalance in the relationship that will certainly drive a wedge in between the two partners.

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– You are the last to know about big events in the life of your partner

If your marriage partner is no longer telling you about significant events in his or her life, this means that he or she does not value your opinion anymore. This will certainly lead to arguments and fights that can end the marriage.

– There is a huge dip in hygiene on one side of the relationship

Although you will no longer have the need to look perfect in front of your marriage partner like you did on that first date, you should also want to keep up your appearances for your partner’s pleasure as well. If you find yourself not caring about your appearance, then there will likely be a change in the relationship. Appearances tend to speak volumes about the way that people feel about each other on the inside.

– You both look for distractions instead of talking things out

If the television comes on every time one of you has a problem, then your marriage is likely destined to end in divorce. People who care about each other take the time to handle problems straight on instead of distracting themselves with outside activities all the time.

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