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Look What Happens When She Puts a Lemon in a Microwave for 20 seconds

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Look What Happens When She Puts a Lemon in a Microwave for 20 seconds

Freshly squeezed lemon juice adds quite the flavor and zing to many recipes and beverages. The wonderful citrus components are very healthy, acting as a superb blood purifier, stomach cleanser, and immune system strengthener. The humble, little lemon is pure and beneficial for inside and outside the body.

Trying to obtain as much juice as you can from one lemon is a challenge, but there’s a successful method. All you have to remember are two, key tips:

1. Heat
2. Pressure

You will need to put lemon in a microwave oven for 15- 20 seconds. The real juice jackpot is located within the membranes of the lemon’s flesh. Heat and pressure force the fruit to allow its precious juice to release. In fact, if you follow our easy method, you can expect to extract up to 40 percent more lemon juice.

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Experts suggest leaving the lemon whole for our experiment, and begin rolling the fruit on a sturdy countertop. Put some pressure when rolling the lemon to alter or distort its shape slightly. This pressure helps weaken the fruit’s membranes to aid in our juicing method.

Watch the excellent YouTube video below, and you’ll be blown away. Who knew that a little technology in just 20 seconds, could produce the ultimate amount of lemon juice?

YouTube viewers like this lemon juice food hack. More than 150,000 people have viewed the video there. It beats trying to squeeze the life out of a lemon with your own two hands.

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