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The Top 24 Most Gorgeous Hispanic Women in the World

The Top 24 Most Gorgeous Hispanic Women in the World

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These women are from all over the world and are categorized as some of the most gorgeous Hispanic women ever. Some of these lovely ladies are actresses, models, and even public figures. While we could easily list hundreds of beautiful women, we’ll have to cut the list off at just 24.

The Top 24 Most Gorgeous Hispanic Women in the World

1. Jennifer Lopez.

Also known as JLo, a singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, and so much more.

2. Jessica Alba.

World renowned actress famous for her roles in Sin City and Valentine’s Day.

3. Vanessa Hudgens.

The breakout star from the Disney High School Musical movies and singer.

4. Salma Hayek.

Actress, producer, and former model, this beautiful Latina began her career in Mexico starring in telenovelas.

5. Eva Longoria.

An actress, producer, and director, best known from Desperate Housewives.

6. Julissa Bermudez.

A jack of all trades as a television personality, actress, dancer, model, and singer.

7. Sofia Vergara.

A smash-hit actress starring in top films such as: Four Brothers, New Year’s Eve, and Hot Pursuit.

8. Penelope Cruz.

An actress and model, she made her career at the young age of 15.

9. Bárbara Mori.

An actress, model, and writer, best known for the smash TV hit Mirada De Mujer.

10. Ali Landry.

An actress that gained instant fame when she broke into television as the “Dorito Girl”.

11. Christina Aguilera.

A singer and songwriter who started out in the Mickey Mouse Club.

12. Selena Gomez.

Actress and singer best known for her roles on various Disney shows and movies.

13. Lacey Chabert.

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An actress and voice actress that gained fame as a child at the age of eight.

14. Fernanda Romero.

A singer, fashion designer, and actress, best known for her role in The Eye.

15. Alana De La Garza.

An actress bests known for her role in Law and Order.

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16. Zoe Saldana.

An actress and dancer that made her debut in the TV show Law and Order.

17. Eva Mendes.

An actress and acting coach best known for her role in the film Hitch.

18. Bérénice Bejo.

An actress in various television and film roles, best known for her role in The Artist.

19. Roselyn Sanchez.

An actress best known for her role in the film Rush Hour 2.

20. Christian Serratos.

An actress and dancer best known for her role in the Twilight films.

21. Michelle Rodriguez.

A successful actress best known for her role in the film Avatar.

22. Paz Vega.

A successful television and film actress, best known for her role in $ex and Lucia.

23. Sandra Delgado.

A theater and television actress best known for her role in Empire.

24. Anahí.

An actress that gained success at the young age of thirteen with her roles in Tu y Yo.

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While there are very many gorgeous Hispanic women, this list is comprised of the 24 most gorgeous Hispanic women in the world. The majority of these women are in the public eye as successful actresses, dancers, models, and overall business women.


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